EIA and environmental impact report with environmental impact assessment Wind farm Wieringermeer in the Netherlands finished

The EIA and environmental impact report with environmental impact assessment for one of the largest wind parks in the Netherlands has been completed. Pondera Consult has, at the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and Initiator Windkracht Wieringermeer, charted the effects of Wind Park Wieringermeer on themes like noise, shadows cast, flora and fauna, archaeology, water and ground, landscape and electricity yield. A report of these findings has been included in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

You can find the EIA and environmental impact report with environmental impact assessment at http://www.rvo.nl/subsidies-regelingen/windparken.

The new wind park will:

  • Get rid of stand-alone wind turbines dotted across the landscape in favour of grouped ones
  • Yield more energy in comparison to the old groups used by Nuon power company
  • Expand ECN’s wind turbine test park
  • Aid in the realisation of a polder mill belonging to and for the community of Wieringermeer.

This project is subject to a federal coordination arrangement. The minister for Economic Affairs will handle the coordination. This means that the ministers of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and the Environment will make a national decision about the integration of the wind park. This is known as the integration plan. The EIR has been created for this plan and the necessary permits.

Current state of affairs
The preliminary integration plan has been presented to the appropriate authorities and organisations for consultation. The preliminary plan is a concept of the actual integration plan. This document has been made public as a means of maintaining transparency. However, this plan does not have a formal status and this phase does not include an inquiry procedure. The inquiry procedure will probably take place later this year.



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