Wind Park Nijmegen-Noord in the Netherlands in the pipelines

Pondera Consult has prepared an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for Wind Park Nijmegen-Noord in the Netherlands following a request from the municipality of Nijmegen. The EIA, which was prepared for the purpose of the zoning plan, assesses the impact of a wind park on the quality of the surrounding area (view, noise, shadows cast), electricity yield and prevented emissions, water and ground, culture history and archaeology, ecology and external safety.

The EIA commission has tested the environmental impact assessment and, with the Mayor and Councillors of Nijmegen’s acceptance, the realisation of a wind park in Nijmegen-Noord is definitely in the pipelines. All the municipality of Nijmegen needs to do now is create the zoning plan. The EIA and the zoning plan can be found here.

FP5 variant 1b-SWT2

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