Commission m.e.r. positive about EIA WFSD’s

Commission m.e.r. positive about EIA Wind Farm Site Decisions (WFSD) III and IV Hollandse Kust (zuid)

The Commission m.e.r. has issued a review advice on the environmental impact report (EIA) for the Wind Farm Site Decisions for sites III and IV of the Hollandse Kust (zuid) wind energy area that was drawn up by Pondera Consult.  This review advice is positive. ‘The Commission believes that the reports provide a complete picture of the environmental consequences of the construction and operation of the wind farms. Measures and regulations to prevent negative effects on porpoises, seals, fish, birds and bats are shown. Measures include, for example, quieter piling of piles during the construction of the turbines so that the marine life suffers less damage from underwater noise and the turbines runs slower during the bird and bat migration to reduce casualties. ‘

The project

The Ministers of Economic Affairs and of Infrastructure and the Environment want to decide on two sites for each maximum 380 MW offshore wind energy in the Hollandse Kust (zuid) wind farm areas. A Wind Farm Site Decision determines where and under what conditions a wind farm at sea may be realized. With a tender, it will later be determined which party will receive a permit and any subsidy and may realize the wind farm. Before the ministers decide, they have examined the environmental consequences of the Wind Farm Site Desicions  in environmental impact reports. Ministers have asked the Commission m.e.r. to review the reports.

Project manager Sergej van de Bilt: ‘We are delighted with this positive advice. It is a compliment for the many colleagues and cooperation partners who are involved in this large-scale survey. “After the positive advice from the Commission on the environmental impact reports of the Borssele wind farm and the first two lots of the Hollandse Kust (zuid) wind energy area, the good line will be continued.  ‘Currently, Pondera Consult is working on the EIA for the following sites, namely lot V and VI in the Hollandse Kust (noord) wind farm area. There are other challenges in that area, no area is the same in that respect. Fortunately, we can use the expertise that we and our partners have built up in the many EIAs that we have now completed with a positive advice. ‘


Meanwhile, the Commission has for the m.e.r. also issued advice on the scope and level of detail of the EIA to be drawn up by Pondera Consult for sites V and VI in Hollandse Kust (Noird): ‘The Commission finds the proposed research approach clear and relevant. Effects on nature, landscape and shipping safety receive sufficient attention. The report also examines the effects of various measures to prevent adverse effects, for example measures to limit the effects of the sound when driving for underwater life. ‘



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