Ester Bierens


Ester Bierens

Communications Consultant Renewable Energy




Ester Bierens has nearly 25 years of experience in the field of marketing & communication. Her knowledge and experience centre primarily on B2B marketing and communication.

In her role as communications adviser at Pondera, Ester is responsible for all communication involving the Pondera brand. She additionally serves as communications adviser for various wind projects and is the convention manager of the annual WindDays event organised by NWEA and TKI Wind op Zee.

Ester is a creative polymath with an enormous talent for perseverance. Her greatest strength is her ability to quickly transform complex communications issues into a plan of approach, including the appropriate means of communication

Studies, training & employers

After successfully completing her higher vocational studies in Management, Ester also earned a SRM Marketing Communication C diploma through a part-time study in addition to her job. Ester has previously held the positions of marketing communications associate for B2B and B2C at Essilor (known as the makers of Varilux lenses) and marketer at Ubbink. She has been working at Pondera Consult since September 2015.

Relevant projects

  • Repositioning of communications for Pondera Consult
  • Establishing Wind Minds B.V.
  • Wind farm Fryslân
  • Wind farm Westfrisia
  • Wind farm Lochter
  • WindDays event

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