Joost Starmans

Joost Starmans

Renewable Energy Consultant




Joost is an open and enthusiastic individual who prefers to work in a results-oriented and precise fashion. Within Pondera Consult, his multidisciplinary background makes him an asset in numerous areas relating to sustainable energy and the environment. He is highly motivated to actively contribute to a more sustainable society in his position at Pondera Consult.

Although Joost has only recently joined the organisation, he has already gained valuable expertise and experience in the wind energy sector. For example, he has conducted an extensive study of the potential for applying a new energy storage technology (Underwater CAES), in cooperation with European offshore wind parks. In addition, he has developed a framework using GIS on behalf of a South African project developer which will allow the company to gain insight into the environmental feasibility of a given project at an early stage of its development.

Education, training and previous employers

During his Bachelor studies in Soil, Water & Atmosphere at Wageningen University, Joost expanded his knowledge of and insight into technical geological processes and climate change. As a part of this Bachelor’s degree programme, he had the opportunity to witness climate change at the North Pole first hand during a minor in Environmental Science at the University Centre in Svalbard in Spitsbergen, Norway. He then went on to the Master’s programme in Energy Science at Utrecht University, in order to concentrate on one of the major factors contributing to global climate change: energy generation.

Joost also completed the special Climate-KIC Master Label programme. This programme is designed to actively train students to make the transition to sustainability. One component of the programme was an intensive five week Summer School course, in which Joost and other motivated students were encouraged to imagine and elaborate on potential solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Joost has been employed as sustainable energy adviser at Pondera Consult since the start of 2016.