Paul Janssen

Paul Janssen

Renewable Energy Consultant




As an adviser, Paul Janssen can provide assistance with various facets of environmental and sustainability work. His expertise is primarily in the area of complex issues such as the energy transition, approval procedures, including environmental impact assessments and permits. Paul is very adept at bringing the right people into contact with one another. Over the past 10 years, Paul has gained experience in a wide range of feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments and permitting procedures for wind energy, large scale solar-PV projects and strategic energy policy advice.

At Pondera, he works primarily on planning in its initial stages, environmental impact assessments and complex permitting procedures. He is also among our Flora and Fauna Act specialists and leads the solar energy team within the organisation. His day-to-day work consists of compiling environmental impact reports, drafting permit applications and supervising the content of objection and appeals procedures on behalf of project initiators. He serves as both independent project lead and to provide specific expertise in the context of larger assignments.

In addition to the administrative and legal areas, Paul also possesses experience with more technical issues that may play a role in this kind of process, such as rotor shadow and visibility analysis, dike safety and photographic visualisations. His strengths are especially apparent in his ability to quickly shift gears between the administrative, legal and technical facets of a project. This enables Paul to maintain oversight of the consequences of decisions made in a project’s early stages with regard to the legal procedure that must be followed in a later phase.

Education, training and previous employers

Paul Janssen graduated with a Master’s in Environmental and Social sciences from Radboud University Nijmegen in 2009. After university, he began his career with Pondera Consult and has since grown to become a mainstay within the Pondera team.

Recent relevant projects

  • Energy vision Land van Cuijk – project leader policy advice
  • Exploration of large scale solar energy in Kempen – project leader
  • Wind Farm Haringvliet Goeree – Overflakkee South: EIA and permits
  • Wind Farm Nieuwe Waterweg – EIA and legal procedure advice
  • Wind Energy Goeree – Overflakkee: EIA for wind locations on Goeree
  • Solar Energy possibilities in the Netherlands (Solarcentury) – project leader research
  • Wind Farm Wieringermeer: environmental permit
  • Wind Farm Noordoostpolder: permits and permit management
  • Development of the visualisation screen

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