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    • Unexplored countries with high potential for wind energy
      A lot of information is available online on countries who have the most installed wind energy capacity and how these countries are increasing their capacity every year. Think of countries like China, the United States, Germany, India or Spain. Information on countries with the most installed wind energy capacity is publicly available, very numerous and does not really need mentioning. What is much more interesting is to find out which countries ... read more»
    • Plans wind farm De Veenwieken are irrevocable
      The Council of State declared the appeals against the zoning plan, integration plan and environmental permist for wind farm De Veenwieken, with 10 wind turbines south of Demensvaart, unfounded. This means that the plans have become irrevocable and the (preparation of the) construction can start. Pondera Consult wrote the EIA, the zoning plan, the integration plan and carried out technical studies. In addition, Pondera Consult supported the ... read more»
    • Administrative Jurisdiction Division approves WFSD Hollandse Kust (zuid)
      The Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State issued a positive judgement on the Wind Farm Site Desicions (WFSD) for sites I and II of the Hollandse Kust (zuid) wind energy area. In it’s judgement, the division regularly refers to the Environmental Impact Report (EIA), which was drawn up by Pondera Consult. IN particular, it concerns the visibility analysis, ecological effects and effects on the fishing sector. For the ... read more»
    • European wind sector growing but not yet matured
      The wind energy sector is now a mature sector. A first look at the exhibition floor of the WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2017 seems to confirm this picture. With more than 8000 people and 300 stands, Amsterdam RAI is well stocked. However, the sector is not yet mature for the time being. Wind turbines are still growing, measuring systems more accurate and new solutions to existing problems are being developed and tested. A selection of ... read more»
    • Invitation WIND EUROPE 2017 Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam
      November 28th – 30th 2017 Pondera is present this year at the WindEurope 2017 in Amsterdam on the 28th – 30th of November. Wind is now the fastest growing energy source in the world, and is full of innovation and unprecedented ambition, hence more than 8000 visitors visit this fair in the RAI Amsterdam. Visit our stand at the Dutch Village You are welcome at our stand at the Dutch Village in Hall 2 of the RAI. We would like to ... read more»
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    • Grontmij and Pondera to prepare offshore wind farms
      Grontmij and Pondera to prepare one of world’s largest offshore wind farms in the Netherlands 7 May – Grontmij, a listed consulting & engineering company with a strong European presence, and partner Pondera Consult  will carry out preparatory studies for the call for tender by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs for allotments III and IV of the Borssele offshore wind farm. When completed, Borssele will deliver sustainable energy to 1.4 ... read more»
    • Pondera/Arcadis prepare the first Dutch offshore grid connection
      Pondera Consult and Arcadis consortium given the go-ahead to prepare EIA and permit application for the first Dutch offshore grid connection. Pondera Consult, together with Arcadis, has been asked by TenneT to support the entire EIA process for the offshore grid connection of offshore wind farms located in the wind development area “Borssele”. The Ministry of Economic Affairs decided in 2014 that wind development area “Borssele” would be the ... read more»
    • New partnership for international offshore wind farms
      Dutch-German Company Wind Minds joins trade mission to Japan and Korea THE NETHERLANDS / GERMANY – Four Dutch and German consultancies in the field of offshore renewable energy have teamed up and established a new international consultancy company Wind Minds with the objective to combine all their expertise and experience in developing and building new offshore wind farms in North West Europe, America and Asia. One of their first targets are ... read more»
    • Code of Conduct for the support of and participation in land-based wind energy in the Netherlands
      Wednesday 3rd of September, witnessed the signing of the “Code of Conduct for the support of and participation in land-based wind energy” by the NWEA; an alliance between the federation of nature, the federation of the environment, the Foundation for Nature & the Environment (N&M) and Greenpeace (the Netherlands). NWEA has been in the process of developing this Code of Conduct for quite some time. The Code of Conduct is also ... read more»
    • Grontmij and Pondera launch offshore wind parks Borssele in the Netherlands
      The Ministry of Economic Affairs has asked consulting and engineering agency Grontmij and Pondera Consult to create an Environmental Impact Assessment and Appropriate Assessment for the allocation of plots in the offshore wind energy area Borssele. This is the first offshore wind energy project which is being carried out in accordance with the new bill for “Wind Energy at Sea”. The “Wind Energy at Sea” bill makes it ... read more»