Sergej van de Bilt

Sergej van de Bilt

Consultant Renewable Energy & Environmental Management/Shareholder




Sergej van de Bilt has been a consultant since 2005 and has vast experience leading projects involving environmental and safety management, sustainable energy and spatial planning. He works on projects relating to feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, permit applications, arguments for spatial usage and the formation and evaluation of policy.

At Pondera Consult, Sergej has been involved with the company since day one, participating in projects for both on and offshore wind energy. Sergej often serves as project lead for complex environmental impact assessments, permit applications and other tasks necessary in order to make wind energy possible from a planning and environmental perspective. Sergej was involved in the planning of a great number of turbines in operation today, such as those near Heinkeken in Zoeterwoude and the Luchterduinen offshore turbines.

What sets him apart is his willingness to accept responsibility in projects, his commitment to accuracy in his work and his focus on achieving results on behalf of his clients. Sergej’s down-to-earth attitude and sense of humour are assets in the successful completion of assigned tasks. He says he is especially proud of those projects in which he was involved that have now been fully completed.

Studies, training & employers

Sergej graduated from Radboud University Nijmegen with a degree in Enviromental and Social sciences in 2004. Folllowing his graduation, he completed various post-academic courses relating to water management and nature conservation. He began his career in early 2005, working as an environmental and external safety adviser for Royal Haskoning in Enschede, Sergej joined Pondera Consult in 2008.

Relevant projects

  • Solarpark De Grift A15 Nijmegen
  • Wind energy scan Deventer
  • Wind energy scan Amersfoort
  • Development nieghbourhood turbine for EWT/Qurrent
  • Nitrogen deposits large scale energy projects
  • Wind energy area Hollandse Kust (noord) (700 MW)
  • Boressele wind energy area (1,400 MW)
  • Hollandse Kust (Souht) wind energy area (1,400 MW)
  • Zeewolde wind farm (300 MW)
  • Wind farm Wieringermeer (300 – 400 MW)
  • Wind farm Veenwieken (30 MW)
  • Wind farm Nieuwleusen (9 MW)
  • Wind farm Nijmegen-Betuwe (10 MW)
  • Wind farm Park 15 (10 MW)
  • Offshore wind farm Luchterduinen (129 MW)
  • Wind farm Heineken (12 MW)
  • Wind farm Den Tol (30 MW)

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