Bankable wind resource assessment

Wind measurements are fundamental aspects in any wind energy project. The reliability of wind measurement results is essential for the economic success of the investment. Because Pondera is an accredited and certified company (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005) we can provide our customers with important information. Pondera can predict energy revenues, identify potential challenges and give recommendations on how to deal with them. In the assessment process, raw wind data is checked and analysed using advanced computer software. A digital model of the planning area is created. This model is validated by existing data on local wind conditions and is then subjected to further calculations. CFD software (3D calculations) is used to model complex areas.

Pondera maps wind patterns and produces physical flow models of selected wind farms. These are used to determine the most ideal position for the wind turbines. For customers who want to buy an existing wind farm, Pondera offers an expert opinion on the quality of the existing wind energy yield reports. The expert wind and revenue assessments are accepted for financing purposes by banks around the world.