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  • Blog: The impact of the Environment & Planning Act on the sustainability of data; nothing new, but different


    Reports, studies and/or data must not be too old under the Environment & Planning Act (Dutch: Omgevingswet) and the Environment & Planning Scheme (Dutch: Omgevingsregeling), which will be effective from...


    Blog: From energy producer to energy hub


    With the energy transition in full swing, the Dutch energy grid is becoming increasingly burdened. As a result, the supply of renewable energy to the grid is limited in some...


    Blog: The safety of wind turbines


    Fortunately it is a rare occurrence, but wind turbines can fail in such ways that they pose a risk to the safety of the surrounding area. Imagine the damage caused...


    Blog: ‘The fine print’ of the Environmental and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) for the development of wind farms


    ‘Need to know’ for wind farm procedure choice On 1 January, 2022, the Environmental and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) will come into force according to the official schedule, although according to...


    Blog: Offshore wind in the US


    US Offshore wind take-off In the last few months, a lot has been written on the potential take-off of offshore wind in the United States. Now that the US is...


    Blog: Pondering the facts to make energy production more sustainable


    In recent weeks, the regional newspapers have paid attention in two weekend editions to some important pillars of the climate agreement: wind and solar energy. In the Energy of the...


    Blog: The realisation of a geothermal project


    Geothermal energy is considered by many to be the ‘new’ source of sustainable energy. Since the drilling of the first geothermal wells in 2007, this technique has become increasingly sophisticated....


    Blog: Largest wind turbines for low to medium wind speeds


    Windy areas in countries that have well-developed wind energy markets, like the US, UK or Germany, are gradually being filled by wind farms. Renewable energy developers are therefore looking at opportunities to further develop wind farms in areas with low to medium wind speeds. Other regions with lower wind speeds. . .


    Unexplored countries with high potential for wind energy


    A lot of information is available online on countries who have the most installed wind energy capacity and how these countries are increasing their capacity every year. Think of countries like China, the United States, Germany, India or Spain. Information on countries with the most installed wind energy capacity is. . .


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