Jeroen de Veth studied electrical energy engineering and technology management in Eindhoven and has more than 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. He joined Pondera in November 2021 and is a specialist in the field of energy storage, both electrochemical and P2G, and system integration. He has also gained extensive experience in the biogas sector, both in the role of consultant and project manager. He has worked for many parties in both the public and private sector and knows the practice of unruly energy and innovation projects.

Within Pondera, Jeroen is a leader, consultant and developer in the field of system integration and flexibility solutions, including conversion to hydrogen and deployment of various types of electrical energy storage. He understands the art of reducing complexity to a manageable essence and presenting it as such to both entrepreneurs and policy makers, is environmentally sensitive, focused on cooperation and able to lead the development and implementation of innovative and complex projects. In addition, he is hands-on, has an eye for detail and can act at various levels of abstraction. Since 1 December 2023, Jeroen is Team Manager of the Team Data-analysis and Modelling.

Education and former employers

After his studies, Jeroen began his career at the Sustainable Energy Project Office, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to boost the development of sustainable energy in the Netherlands. After that, from 2002 to 2009, he worked part time as staff member and deputy clerk of the standing committee for Economic Affairs of the Dutch House of Representatives, where he dealt with energy legislation and also supervised various parliamentary investigations. At the same time during this period he started as an independent consultant in the sustainable energy and agribusiness sector.

From 2009, as an entrepreneur, Jeroen further specialized in flexibility solutions, such as batteries, and project development in the field of biogas. In this capacity, he initiated and participated in several innovation projects and in 2010 had the first with the introduction of the first Vanadium Redox Flow battery in the Netherlands, later followed by Zinc-Bromide technology. In these projects, achieving a positive business case has always been at the forefront and he has developed necessary knowledge for this purpose. The fact that Jeroen does not shy away from unruly projects has been proven by his many years as executive director for AGroGas, the largest biogas cooperative active in the Netherlands to date.