Permit management

Permit management, or Compliance management, is of great value during the execution of a project. The moment the permits and exemptions have been obtained and the construction phase starts, the permit management phase also starts. All regulations and other requirements of the permits must be met. In addition, additional permits are almost always required, or changes occur regarding the permits already issued. Managing the process to comply with the regulations and getting other permissions in time (being compliant) is important for a smooth construction process.

Pondera is happy to assist you with this and take care of the permit management by organising document management, producing reports in time, getting permits for changes and maintaining contacts with executing contractors, authorities and enforcers. Pondera can also advise you which permits, for example wind energy permits, are required and can apply for such permits for you. In this way we support you in the smooth realisation of a project and we assist you with the management of permits and/or required permit applications and everything that comes with it.

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