Plan EIA

There are two types of environmental impact reports; a Project EIA and a Plan EIA. The Plan EIA is more strategic in nature and is written for spatial visions and zoning or integration plans. The question that is central to sustainable energy for a Plan EIA is: why this location? Often a Plan EIA also contains a comparison of different locations or, for example, different energy sources to achieve a certain objective. The nature of the information is relatively abstract, more qualitative and based on rules of thumb. In some cases, a more detailed study can also be done in a Plan EIA, for example to compare environmental effects in the field of noise. In that case, calculations are performed. A Project EIA is written for a permit application. The focus of this is on how the exact location is organised

Pondera’s services consist of more than just writing an environmental survey. We can support you in the entire planning process (or for part of it). We can also provide (assistance with) Appropriate Assessments and communication services. In addition, we can conduct stakeholder management if desired.