Code of Conduct for the support of and participation in land-based wind energy in the Netherlands

Pondera Consult  |  03 September 2014

Wednesday 3rd of September, witnessed the signing of the “Code of Conduct for the support of and participation in land-based wind energy” by the NWEA; an alliance between the federation of nature, the federation of the environment, the Foundation for Nature & the Environment (N&M) and Greenpeace (the Netherlands).

NWEA has been in the process of developing this Code of Conduct for quite some time. The Code of Conduct is also listed in the Energy Agreement which was created with help from the Socio-Economic Council (SER). The subscribers to this Code of Conduct wish to maintain and strengthen the support for wind energy – this is important as many projects will be executed during the coming years. The branch knows that these projects will have an impact on everyday surroundings.

The Code of Conduct obliges NWEA members to adhere to a number of basic principles related to participation, communication and contributing to increasing support. The core of the code’s message is that a surrounding area needs to be involved in a wind energy project as quickly as possible. A participation plan will be created for each project which will be the result of a collaboration between the interested parties and the appropriate authority. The initiator will also appoint a point of contact for those living in the area. A participation plan is always based on the creation of a tailor-made solution.

Annual evaluation
The Code of Conduct will be reviewed on an annual basis. This includes the evaluation of amounts included in the text and the competition clauses.

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