In late October 2021, the Rijn & IJssel Regional Water Authority signed the delivery and maintenance contracts for two Enercon E-138 EP3 E2 wind turbines. These wind turbines, with a joint installed capacity of 8.4 MW, are due to be installed on the site of the sewage treatment plant on the InnoFase industrial estate in Duiven by the end of 2023. The two turbines will together be able to generate enough energy to supply approximately 7000 households annually. Last year, Pondera supervised the tender process on behalf of the Rijn & IJssel Regional Water Authority, so successfully completing the contract award stage.

Pondera has been involved in this project on behalf of the water authority since 2018, requesting the environmental permit, conducting the feasibility study, setting up the business case and requesting the SDE subsidy, among other things. The environmental permit was confirmed by the Council of State in December 2020. This decision gave the water authority the green light to build the wind turbines, which will contribute to its objective of being energy neutral by 2025.

After obtaining the irrevocable permit, Pondera drew up the procurement strategy, the employer’s requirements and the contract. We then designed the tender procedure for selecting the wind turbine supplier. This involved a non-public European tender procedure with shortlist. This procedure was necessary due to the tender legislation which applies to public bodies. Because this is a relatively unknown approach for the wind turbine market, it was preceded by a market consultation exercise. The tender process took place via the Negometrix online procurement platform and resulted in the selection of Enercon as the wind turbine supplier. Together with Enercon, Pondera then worked up the contracts into a contract that was ready to sign, based on the Fidic Yellow Book. The water authority, Enercon and Pondera look back with satisfaction on the result achieved and look forward to the delivery.

Pondera will also remain involved in this project during the next phase, among other things for the contract management during execution. As such we will be extending our successful partnership with the Rijn & IJssel Regional Water Authority which dates back to 2018.

The newsletter in which the Rijn & IJssel Regional Water Authority announces its plan to build the wind turbines can be found here (in Dutch). 

An impression of the two new wind turbines – Source: Rijn & IJssel Regional Water Authority