Positive advice from the EIA Committee and a good example for other municipalities and regions

The municipality of Enschede wants to produce at least 8% additional sustainable energy by 2030. How that goal will be achieved is described in the Energy Vision. On behalf of the municipality, Pondera has drawn up an Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report. This EIA scoping report explores the use of energy sources that can help the municipality achieve their objective. The EIA scoping report was used by the municipality in drawing up the Energy Vision.

Wind energy, solar energy, biomass and, possibly in the future, geothermal energy are the key sources that can contribute to achieving the municipality of Enschede’s goal. In the EIA scoping report, five alternatives have been examined, each of which focuses on a different theme. The themes include: living environment, nature and landscape, agriculture and grid connection. The options for generating sustainable energy within the municipal boundaries of Enschede have been explored through the various alternatives and the environmental effects have been mapped out. Finally, the municipality has determined how many wind turbines and large solar parks it wants to make possible. The municipality will base its ‘offer’ for the Twente regional energy strategy (RES) on the Energy Vision.

The Environmental Impact Assessment Committee indicates in its assessment advice (in Dutch) that the EIA scoping report clearly shows the environmental consequences of generating sustainable energy in Enschede. For example, the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee is very positive about the landscape study, which investigated the impact of solar fields on the various landscapes.

Paul Jansen, Team Manager Environment and Consenting, says: “The EIA scoping report is a good example of how the environmental impact assessment tool can be used. It helps municipalities or regions on behalf of the RES in researching how sustainable energy targets can be achieved. Pondera is happy to use its experience for other municipalities and regions in the Netherlands.”

Visualisation of wind turbines along the N18 seen from the Usseler Es in Enschede