Between 10 and 12 November 2021, the BIXPO event was held in Gwangju, South Korea. At the invitation of the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Eric Arends, vice chairman of the Pondera group, gave a presentation on ‘Offshore wind power business development and operation in South Korea’. Afterwards, guests including Ban Ki-Moon, former secretary-general of the UN discussed this year’s central theme, ‘Carbon Neutrality’ (see photo).

BIXPO is an annual conference and trade show organised by KEPCO. The offshore wind section of the conference was mainly concerned with how South Korea can achieve the ambitious goal of 12 GW in offshore wind energy by 2030. Which challenges need to be overcome and what can be learned from offshore wind developments in Europe?

Pondera has been active in South Korea for some time and has a branch office in Seoul. The conference and ensuing working visit to Seoul provided a good opportunity to meet numerous business contacts and customers and discuss projects. You can download find Eric Arends’ presentation hereunder.