At the end of November 2021, Wind farm Bovenwind achieved a financial close and the final notice to proceed was issued to wind turbine manufacturer ENERCON and contractor Van den Heuvel. Partly through the efforts of cooperative Wij Duurzaam Staphorst (WDS) and the water board WDO Delta, and the pleasant cooperation with the ASN Bank, this milestone could be reached within a short lead time.

Now construction of three wind turbines in the Municipality of Staphorst can be started. As a result, it is expected that 15,000 households can be supplied with sustainable electricity. Construction of the wind turbines should start during 2022. 

Windpark Bovenwind is an initiative of the local cooperative WDS which has defined its objective as: minimum disruption to the surroundings and maximum benefits for the village. The cooperative is working on this project with Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta. After an intensive development programme, the cooperative is now ready for the next phase. Pondera was involved in the development and implementation of Bovenwind wind farm from the start. It will continue to be involved in the next phase, including providing support during construction.

Windpark Bovenwind in brief:

  • In 2018, the newly founded cooperative Wij Duurzaam Staphorst won the competition launched by the municipality of Staphorst for the development of three wind turbines. Pondera helped WDS draw up this plan by identifying spatial impact (such as noise, casting shadow and landscape) and contributing know-how about the development and participation process. The municipality of Staphorst had the plan assessed by an independent committee of experts.
  • An EIA was performed and the steps from the EIA procedure implemented in a process involving a sounding board, kitchen table discussions, information meetings and consultation with landowners. This produced a preferred alternative for which permits were requested.
  • Based on several tenders, Pondera assisted in the selection of a turbine supplier, power supplier and other suppliers. This completed the preparations for the construction. After an intensive trajectory, financial close was achieved with ASN Bank for the financing of the wind farm. Having achieved the financial close, the cooperative will now move onto the next phase, the construction. During the construction phase, cooperative Wij Duurzaam Staphorst will organise a crowdfunding campaign to offer residents of Staphorst the opportunity to invest in the wind farm.
Visualisation Wind farm Bovenwind