Playing a Canticle of the Sun to open a solar pv roof: very fitting. This happened on Friday 28 February in Spankeren at the packaging company Intrapec, although the sun barely showed itself. The initiators Intrapec, Ovento and Pondera invited around 60 business acquaintances and friends to jointly open their solar pv roof which has more than 1,500 panels with a capacity of almost 0.5 MW. With this, the Intrapec Group can easily provide for its own power consumption. Converted to households, the roof provides enough power for 130 households.

Paul de Lange, director of the Intrapec Group, was proud and pleased with the result and called on all roof owners to do the same. According to De Lange, “It’s good for the climate and it also yields returns.” Albert Ploeg showed the attendees that the process of achieving this wasn’t easy, and explained that many parties are involved in a project like this. After the official opening, the proud owners showed the attendees the roof and the electrical installation. Alderman Dorus Klomberg from the municipality of Rheden, who has sustainable energy in his portfolio, was also pleased: “I am happy that there are entrepreneurs who take such initiatives. There are enough unused roofs. It’s been shown here that it’s possible to use them in a valuable way.”