The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) and the national operator of the high-voltage grid TenneT are working together on the offshore grid projects – IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Beta. These are two underground high-voltage connections for the transport of sustainable electricity from the IJmuiden far offshore wind energy area to the mainland.

On 25 November, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) announced the preferred alternative for the  IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Betaoffshore grid. The Minister based his choice on the Integrated Impact Assessment (IEA), the responses submitted and the recommendations of the regional authorities and the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee.

Pondera and Arcadis compiled the integral effect analysis on which the minister’s decision is based. They also drew up an environmental impact statement (EIA), including studies, for both compounds.

The preferred alternative for IJmuiden Ver Alpha is the section (the route) to Borssele via the Veerse Meer. The preferred alternative for IJmuiden Ver Beta is the section (the route) to the south side of the Maasvlakte. The routes run parallel to each other through the North Sea to limit the use of space by other functions in the North Sea.

Pondera and Arcadis are currently working together on the EIA and the permit applications for the preferred route to the 380kV station at Borssele (Alpha) and on the Maasvlakte (Beta).