From left to right: Bastiaan Bor (Business Developer Pondera), Rae Lescelius (Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Finland Copenhagen), Bert van der Lingen (Vice-chairman NWEA), Hans Rijntalder (Chairman Pondera Group), Eric Arends (Vice-chairman Pondera Groep), Arne Brandsma (Deputy Head of Mission Dutch Embassy), Caroline Kullbäck (Etha Wind Managing Director), Marko Ekman (Etha Wind Business Development Director).


Yesterday at WindEurope Copenhagen 2023, Hans Rijntalder, Chairman of Pondera and Caroline Kullbäck, Managing Director of Etha Wind, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to support each other in the engagement in offshore wind projects on the Finnish offshore and near shore market, as Finland is now accelerating the development of new offshore wind areas.


Both parties hold a in-dept knowledge and expertise in offshore wind projects. Pondera has been involved in all parts of offshore wind projects and holds a well-developed network of relations on the field of offshore wind. Etha Wind has been in the wind energy business since 2003 and one of its strengths on the field is strong language skills and the ability to speak to the local communities along the Swedish-speaking coast in Finland in their own language. Together they aim to share skills and resources to simultaneously strive to gain a strong market position on the Finnish offshore market.

Hans Rijntalder, Chairman of Pondera: “The signing of the MOU is a great start in joining forces to help Finland realize its offshore wind ambitions. With our expertise and experience in the field of offshore wind, we complement Etha Wind’s services perfectly. We are looking forward to collaborating with Etha Wind to reach a market position that will be fruitful for the parties regarding the offshore and near shore development in Finland.”

Caroline Kullbäck, Managing Director of Etha Wind: “We are eager to start the cooperation with Pondera within the rapidly emerging Finnish offshore market. By combining Etha Wind’s local knowledge and deep understanding of the Finnish wind market with Pondera’s extensive offshore experience and technical skills we form a very good team. Through this cooperation we can provide services to offshore developers in Finland throughout the whole project lifecycle.”

Caroline Kullbäck (Etha Wind Managing Director) on the right hand side, Bastiaan Bor (Business Developer Finland), Bert van der Lingen (Vice Chairman NWEA), Hans Rijntalder (Chairman Pondera Group). Photo credits: Mads Eneqvist

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