The construction of Strekdammen Windpark is getting closer. At the end of 2020 Pondera and Rebel completed the financing of the wind farm with ABN AMRO. This means that the contractors VolkerWind (KWS Infra bv Leek / van Hattem en Blankevoort) and Alsema from Zuidlaren, will soon be able to start building the two wind turbines that will mark the entry into Eemshaven in the future.

Pondera and Rebel are planning to build two wind turbines in the mouth of the harbour with a total capacity of 11 MW. GE will supply these turbines which have been specially made for these saline conditions. The turbines are expected to be commissioned by mid-2022. Earlier this year, Pondera and Rebel took over the rights to the wind farm from Yard Energy.

Pondera is delighted with this new step in this challenging wind energy project. After the acquisition of the project from Yard, and thanks to our partner Rebel, we were able to complete the financing at a rapid pace. We were able to use the experience we gained in the realisation of the GE Haliade-X, the world’s largest offshore wind turbine, the prototype of which is in the port of Rotterdam.

ABN-AMRO is providing the financing for this sustainable energy project, and is very proud to be able to contribute to the energy transition in the Netherlands in this way.

Obviously, GE is pleased that the choice was made to use their  5.5 Cypress turbine, which is ideally suited to make the most of the Dutch wind speed near the sea.