Pondera delivers EIA and Appropriate Assessment for the Hollandse Kust (west)

Pondera Consult  |  28 December 2020

Pondera has completed the investigation into the site decisions for Hollandse Kust (west) plots VI and VII, for which tenders are planned in 2021.

We completed the Environmental Impact Report (EIA) and the Appropriate  Assessment (PB) for the ministries of EZK, LNV, BZK and I&W. The studies examined the effect of a maximum of 1,560 MW of wind energy being realised in the designated wind energy area. Because the wind energy area offers more space than is necessary for this task, we examined which areas within the wind energy area were suitable for the two plots. In particular, we paid attention to the ecological effect of the construction and operation of the wind turbines, as well as the effect on the existing use of the area, such as fishing, shipping and mining. The wind farms on plots VI and VII are scheduled to be operational in 2025-2026.

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Sergej Van de Bilt

Senior Renewable Energy Consultant / PartnerMore about Sergej Van de Bilt

Pim Rooijmans

Senior Renewable Energy ConsultantMore about Pim Rooijmans

Maarten Jaspers Faijer

Renewable Energy ConsultantMore about Maarten Jaspers Faijer

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