Pondera in the Top 250 Growth Companies

Pondera Consult  |  04 June 2021

This week, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) published the Top 250 Growth Companies for the fifth time. This time around Pondera is on the list as one of the 12 growth companies in Gelderland. Justin Jansen, professor of entrepreneurship and academic director of ECE says: “The companies are progressive in developing new solutions, but are also able to manage the rapid growth of the organisation. They do this by continuously wanting to improve, accelerate and adapt the organisation to future challenges.” Together, the 250 companies have grown by more than 30,000 FTE. The ECE thus substantiates the statement that fast-growing companies, or scale-ups, are an important growth and innovation engine for the Dutch economy. These companies create the jobs of the future, making the economy more resilient and agile. On top of this, they didn’t give up during the coronavirus crisis, instead taking the opportunity to innovate and grow even further.

Although Pondera plays a modest part in this, we are naturally proud of the fact that we are in the Top 250. In our view, it is only the beginning of a development and much more growth is needed for the energy transition to succeed. We will continue to do our best to achieve this.

Of course we also want to say thank you to our customers, because without a market and customers no growth is possible.

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Hans Rijntalder

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