At the end of 2020, Shell acquired all the project rights of Energiepark Pottendijk from project developer Deddens. Pondera played an active role in making this acquisition possible. This agreement brings the construction and delivery of the energy park a huge step closer.

For Pondera, the project has a long history. To facilitate the sale of Energiepark Pottendijk, Pondera worked closely with Mr Deddens and the law firm HVG Law through an extensive tender. Pondera invited several potential buyers to submit an offer for the purchase of the energy park.

During the sales process, HVG Law was responsible for the legal aspects of the sale, as well as handling the licensing procedure at the Council of State. Following that, Pondera and HVG Law assisted Mr. Deddens with the sale negotiations, the contracting and the delivery of the shares.

Pottendijk energy park consists of a wind farm of 14 wind turbines with an installed capacity of approximately 50.4 MW and a solar park of 35.5 hectares. In total, the Energy Park will produce approximately 170 GWh annually; this equates to the electricity consumption of approximately 55,000 Dutch households. Even further back, Pondera (in collaboration with BugelHajema) drew up the EIA in 2018 and applied for an environmental permit for the construction and operation of the solar park and the 14 wind turbines. The municipality of Emmen issued this permit on 28 September 2018 and the 14 wind turbines can be installed.

In the follow-up phase, Pondera will continue to work closely with Mr Deddens and Shell on the development and construction of the energy park. “Pondera is delighted for all those involved that after this great project is now coming to fruition after so many years, and we are proud to be involved in the delivery of such a fantastic project,” says Egbert Jansen, Project Leader at Pondera.