In order to help the market become more cost-efficient, innovative technologies and approaches need to be developed and applied in projects world-wide. Following several years of fruitful collaboration, Oldbaum Services Ltd, specialized in innovation of offshore modelling and wind measurements and Pondera Consult BV, a consultant active in renewable energies globally, have decided to further intensify their collaboration. Pondera takes over all shares and active projects of Oldbaum Services Ltd, with the goal of helping it to grow and offer its services to more clients. For both companies, there are significant synergies expected from the integration:

Eric Arends, VP Pondera Group: Oldbaum is originally active in the Scottish offshore market and in far-east Asia. It is currently market leader worldwide in the operations of Dual Scanning LiDAR technology. Oldbaum has shown it has a strong drive for innovation and R&D, where Pondera can leverage the knowledge developed and deploy that across all regions in which it is active. We are happy to give Andy Oldroyd, a well-known name in the market already since the early days of LiDAR measurements and offshore modelling, the opportunity to strengthen and grow his team.

Andy Oldroyd, Managing Director, Oldbaum Services: After almost 2 decades of building a small but successful firm, it feels like a big step to join with such a dynamic company like Pondera. The past years of cooperation have shown, that we work complementary on projects and portfolios as LiDAR rental and floating LiDAR & offshore wind resource assessments. We are glad to bring our teams together and put a focus on where both companies are good at: dedicated customer support for the onshore and offshore wind market.

For more information:

Desiree van der Wal, +31 (0)6 19 28 70 26