Pondera is always working hard to take sustainable energy projects a step forward. The Pondera team consists of juniors and seniors who contribute their expertise and knowledge to the energy transition and the use of natural resources. In the series Pondera’s Podium we’ll be putting our Ponderians in the spotlight via a short interview. We will ask our colleagues a range of questions on topics such as their work within Pondera, their personal interests, their hobbies and their dreams, and in this way introduce you to the team.

We kick off with our colleague Marjolein Pigge. Marjolein has been with Pondera for more than eight years and has seen Pondera grow over that time. We asked Marjolein a few questions to get to know her a little better.

What was it like seeing Pondera grow like this?

Since I began working at Pondera, I have witnessed tremendous growth within the organisation. We started with a small group in Hengelo, and since then several offices have been added, and we now have almost 69 employees. Despite this enormous growth, the atmosphere within Pondera has remained the same. It is a flat organisation where everyone is equal. Everyone collaborates well together and is fully committed. This is also reflected in this current period of pandemic, where we are mainly working from home and thus seeing much less of each other, but the contact between colleagues remains strong. We’re still there for each other and feeling involved.

How would you describe a true Ponderian?

The Pondera team consists of many different people. Because of this mix you have a very dynamic company where the common denominator is everyone’s commitment. Taking responsibility and going all out to get results, but also having room for fun and humour. The level of involvement is very high and everyone makes their own contribution in the interest of the organisation. That is the strength of Pondera.

You’ve been employed by Pondera for a long time. What are you most proud of?

The Veenwieken project is at the top of my list. I was the project leader, and we carried out the EIA studies, a municipal zoning plan, provincial integration plan and permit applications. Whenever I drive past the Veenwieken, which I regularly do on the way to visit family, I think back to the period when we had to answer the submitted views for this project. It felt just like a school trip; we worked together at the Pondera office in Hengelo with the project leaders of the parties involved, we raided the cookie jar, we ordered pizzas, and we worked until late in the evening for two to three days to respond to all the questions on time. These are the kind of moments I think back to when I drive past the project. I feel proud that it all worked out in the end and that the project is now constructed.

What more would you like to learn?

I’ve been doing this type of work for a long time, and after years of experience my passion lies mainly in content-focused work. To keep my knowledge up to date, I like to work on new developments in my field. In addition, I mainly want to be involved with projects in terms of content, transferring knowledge to colleagues, but also contributing knowledge and experience in (complex) projects in order to arrive at a good plan and a good solution. That’s where my strength lies. I think of spatial planning as a puzzle in which different parts in the environment have to fit together like puzzle pieces. The more complex the better. That’s where I get my challenge and my enthusiasm. You can actually see this in my private life too: I like to make things (sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting…). Designing and assembling a cupboard is no problem for me, and my house is decorated in a unique and colourful way. I like to be creative, and from different parts I like to make a fitting whole that I can ultimately be proud of.