In the summer of 2020, Pondera was commissioned to perform a short wind measurement campaign to determine the effect of the existing wind farm Eemshaven on the wind speed. Earlier this year, Pondera Development purchased the right to build 2 wind turbines at the Dutch coastal project called Strekdammen, just to the north of Eemshaven. In this industrial area, close to 50 wind turbines of various types, heights and rotor-size are already operational, making modelling of the wind climate at the location of the projected turbines uncertain.

The result of the conducted 2-4 month long campaign will be used to bring down this uncertainty. It will determine what the effective wind speed is on location of the new wind turbines in terms of yield, shear profile and extremes. It will also be used to optimize the used wake models to properly represent wakes for future calculations and other locations. Pondera therewith helps to bring down the yield uncertainty and therewith the cost of wind energy application.