The Pondera team continues to grow. These three recent graduates started with us in February. We are very pleased with this strengthening of our team and would like to introduce our new colleagues to you:

Anne de boer

As a recently graduated student of Complex Systems Engineering and Management, Anne will work as a Sustainable Energy Consultant within Pondera, drawing up business cases and with the participation of local residents in sustainable energy projects, among other things. Anne is looking forward to starting her career at Pondera. She says “I am very excited to be able to contribute to the development of sustainable energy projects. Pondera offers me the opportunity to participate in the different facets of various sustainable energy projects.”

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Joris Pierrot

With his technical background and experience in multidisciplinary research, as a Sustainable Energy Consultant Joris will make a valuable contribution to various aspects of the development of sustainable energy projects. Joris says “Making society more sustainable is a major challenge, involving many complex problems. I look forward to working on some of these problems with Pondera, in order to contribute to a more liveable world.”

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Kyra de Haan

Having recently completed her Master’s degree in Energy Science, Kyra will work as a Sustainable Energy Consultant on technical issues in the field of sustainable energy. “As a recent graduate, I am eager to get started at Pondera where I can contribute to making the energy sector more sustainable,” Kyra says “By working on various projects, I hope to use my knowledge to make a positive contribution and to learn about the various aspects involved in sustainable energy projects. Even though I have only just started working, I already feel at home in the close-knit team at Pondera, and I am convinced that at Pondera we can make a difference in the energy transition!”

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