The sewage treatment plant as an energy hub

Pondera Consult  |  22 October 2021

Pondera is conducting research for the Unie van Waterschappen (Dutch Association of Water Boards) into a sustainable solution to make sewage treatment plants less dependent on the electricity grid. This has led to the idea of a Smart Energy Hub: an electrolyser installed at a sewage treatment plant to produce green hydrogen. Combined with a wind turbine and/or a solar park, the sewage plant can thus form an energy hub together with the companies in the area: a node where energy flows converge and conversion to other forms of energy can take place. All of the generated energy can be exchanged with each other.

By implementing Smart Energy Hubs, the water boards can make a major contribution to the energy transition through the generation of sustainable energy. In addition, they will relieve the burden on the Dutch electricity network.

Pondera has evaluated two pilot projects and will soon commence with their implementation. On October 8 2021, the report De rwzi als smart energie-hub (in Dutch) was presented to a delegation from the Dutch Parliament.

For more detailed information, please refer to our blog From energy producer to energy hub.

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