The Kapelle municipal council adopted the zoning plans for Windpark Willem Annapolder and Windpark Landmanslust on 27 October 2020 with the municipal executive issuing the necessary permits. An environmental impact report has already been produced for this project and a recommendation from the EIA committee has been published. These decisions pave the way for the replacement of the existing ten wind turbines in the Willem Annapolder that have been in operation since 2003.

A total of six new wind turbines will be installed: four at the location of the current Willem Annapolder Wind Farm and two in the polder about two kilometres to the east: Windpark Landmanslust. The turbines will have a maximum tip height of 180 metres and a rotor diameter of 150 metres. With these projects, the municipality of Kapelle is taking significant steps in its contribution to the regional energy strategy.

Pondera provided the complete environmental impact assessment, drew up the zoning plans and submitted the permit applications on behalf of the initiators. Thanks to the municipality of Kapelle and good environmental communication, the entire procedure was completed in a period of just 15 months. The projects are expected to be completed by mid-2022. You can find more information about these two projects on the municipality of Kapelle’s website or via the initiators Zeeuwind and Windforce 11.

Visualisatie windpark WAP
Visualisation wind farm Willem Annapolder