Geothermal energy is a relatively new form of sustainable energy. Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Pondera Geo Energy initiates geothermal projects for heat supply and electricity production (ultra deep geothermal energy).

Read the latest news about our Geothermal projects below.

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  • Pondera congratulates Shell and Eneco on winning tender for offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust (west) VI


    Pondera congratulates Shell and Eneco on winning the permit to build an offshore wind farm on Hollandse Kust (west) lot VI. With their joint venture Ecowinde, they will build a...


    ‘What's so appealing about being an entrepreneur? Being able to follow your instincts’


    From an early age, Pondera founder Hans Rijntalder knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur. While studying in America, he discovered his passion for the environment and climate. ‘What's so appealing about being an entrepreneur? Being able to follow your instincts.’ We were in conversation with R ijntalder about the. . .


    An interview with the meteorological data company Whiffle


    Whiffle started as an idea developed at TU Delft in 2016. Simply put, Whiffle is a meteorological data company that can precisely model weather on a very small scale using their self-developed model GRASP. Pondera's Kyra de Haan and Mark Rijntalder talked to Bob Meijer and Adriaan Derksen about their. . .


    Batteries: earning money based on price fluctuation


    An increasing number of companies have one and even more are considering getting one: a battery. With more and more wind turbines and solar panels putting electricity on the grid, it is becoming progressively more challenging to balance supply and demand at every moment of the day. Batteries can provide. . .


    Introducing our new colleagues!


    Our team continues to grow. In recent months we have welcomed five new colleagues: Enriko, Gitte, Floris, Manuela and Linh. Read on to find out about our brand-new Ponderians. Enriko...


    a.s.r. acquires wind farm Strekdammen from Pondera and Rebel


    a.s.r. has acquired wind farm Strekdammen from Pondera and Rebel. The wind farm, which has been in operation since mid-2022, consists of two wind turbines at the breakwaters in Eemshaven....


    Pondera Geo Energy participates in research into hydrogen storage in salt caverns


    Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a consortium of companies under the name H2C3 (H2 Cavern Conglomerate Combination) is to investigate the potential of storing hydrogen in Dutch salt...


    An impeccable project: opening WP Strekdammen


    Together with relations and colleagues we celebrated the opening of Windpark Strekdammen on August 31st. A project that has been realized by Pondera and Rebel in the Eemshaven estuary and...


    Signing of Pondera - Pertamina Study on integrated Offshore Wind Energy and Green Hydrogen production in Indonesia


    JAKARTA – Pertamina Power Indonesia (Pertamina NRE) and Pondera Development BV (Pondera) signed a joint study agreement (JSA) on the development of Integrated Offshore Wind Energy & Green Hydrogen Production...


    Offshore wind farms with a positive ecological impact: is it possible?


    Creating harmony between nature and wind energy resonates with Pondera's vision. Since 2014, Pondera and ecological research institute Bureau Waardenburg have been working together to develop offshore wind farms that cause as little damage to nature as possible. But they are taking it one step further: wind energy at sea. . .


    Three new faces at Pondera


    Three new colleagues have recently joined the ever-growing Pondera team. Varildo, Mark and Egbert briefly introduce themselves below. Varildo Vaseur Varildo works as a Renewable Energy Advisor within the Contracting,...


    Clean energy? Support civil initatives


    The energy transition is inevitable, and many people want clean energy. However, local residents may be concerned if a wind turbine is placed in proximity of their homes. Noise and...


    Pondera innovates with off-grid hydrogen production at sea


    Industry, energy companies and the government all want an energy mix including hydrogen. The plans are ambitious: 8 gigawatts of hydrogen must be produced in the Netherlands by 2030. But there is still a lot unclear about the production, trade and use of hydrogen. Egbert Jansen, Contracting Team Manager at. . .


    Hydrogen rather final element than starting point in the energy transition


    Offshore wind farms are on the rise. In the next ten years, another 10 gigawatts of capacity will be built in the North Sea, relatively close to the coast. But what happens after 2030? Will we continue to build? Will we be able to use the renewable energy, or will. . .


    Part 3: Strekdammen wind farm - the turbines are almost ready


    The completion of Wind Farm Strekdammen is getting closer! In part 3 of our vlog series, reporter Anne de Boer shows us on site how the construction of the two...


    Pondera and SEWA sign MOU to enable development of wind and solar parks in Sharjah


    In Arnhem, on May 9th, Hans Rijntalder, chairman of Pondera and H.E. Saeed Sultan Al Suwaidi, chairman of SEWA (Sharjah Electricity, Water & Gas Authority) signed an MOU for a...


    Pondera Risk Consult Co. Ltd founded in Seoul, South Korea


    Charlie Huang, Korean team member of the Branche office of Pondera in Seoul, is the director of the new company Pondera Risk Consult. Charlie has in-depth knowledge and experience in...


    Sif Group, representing KCI the engineers, GE Renewable Energy and Pondera sign an MoU for the feasibility study of a Green Hydrogen Centralized Offshore Wind Production Project: AmpHytrite


    The AmpHytrite project is aimed at mastering the complexity of a centralized offshore and off-grid hydrogen production unit and is aiming a staged construction and operation of this green hydrogen...


    Pondera participates in trade mission to Baltic States


    Pondera’s Joost Sissingh participated in the Dutch trade mission to the Baltic States. This visit to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania focused on offshore wind energy and took place from 10...


    Pertamina NRE and Pondera aim for wind power plant development in Indonesia


    Pertamina NRE and Pondera Development BV (Pondera) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the development of wind power plants in Indonesia on Thursday 21 April 2022. Through the MoU,...


    Work visit to Pondera's offices in Vietnam and Indonesia


    During April 2022, Eric Arends was on a work visit to Vietnam and Indonesia. Eric is responsible for Pondera in Southeast Asia and after two and a half years of...


    Pondera’s team continues to grow


    Pondera continues to expand, and at the end of March, we welcomed five new colleagues: Mark, Desiree, Jeroen, Sergio and Richelle. Please allow us to introduce them to you. Mark...


    CWW2022 at Egmond aan Zee – an insightful event on Wind energy and Wildlife


    In the first week of April 2022, we were at CWW2022, the Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts at Egmond aan Zee. CWW is an internationally recognized event to...


    Pondera uses Whiffle’s unique weather prediction technology to advance to the next level of wind flow modelling


    Pondera has entered into a license agreement with Whiffle to use Whiffle’s innovative model called GRASP (GPU-resident Atmospheric Simulation Platform). With Whiffle’s GRASP model, Pondera puts itself on the forefront...


    Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) positive about EIA Additional Design North Sea Programme 2022-2027


    The Dutch government seeks to generate an additional 10 gigawatts of wind energy in the North Sea by 2030 in order to reduce 55% of the CO2 emissions as compared...


    Pondera facilitates selection process and permit procedure to switch off wind turbine lighting


    Obstruction lighting for wind turbines higher than 150 metres, which is often seen as a nuisance, may now be switched off at night more often. Using a detection system, the...


    Blog: The impact of the Environment & Planning Act on the sustainability of data; nothing new, but different


    Reports, studies and/or data must not be too old under the Environment & Planning Act (Dutch: Omgevingswet) and the Environment & Planning Scheme (Dutch: Omgevingsregeling), which will be effective from...


    Pondera’s Joost Starmans embarks on Vietnamese adventure


    Joost Starmans has arrived in Vietnam! Vietnam is widely considered as a promising market for renewable energy, thanks to its vast natural resources, ever-growing energy demand and the country’s commitment...


    Part 2: Wind Farm Strekdammen - piling the foundations


    In this second part of our vlog series, Pondera’s reporter Joost visits the Eemshaven estuary. Project manager Jorden shows us around the site where Windpark Strekdammen is being constructed. On...


    Financial close for Wind farm Bovenwind


    At the end of November 2021, Wind farm Bovenwind achieved a financial close and the final notice to proceed was issued to wind turbine manufacturer ENERCON and contractor Van den...


    Part 1: Strekdammen wind farm - cable pull-in


    The construction of the Strekdammen wind farm is progressing well. Pondera and Rebel are working to deliver two wind turbines in the Eemshaven estuary with a total capacity of 11 MW....


    Duiven wind turbines contract signed


    In late October 2021, the Rijn & IJssel Regional Water Authority signed the delivery and maintenance contracts for two Enercon E-138 EP3 E2 wind turbines. These wind turbines, with a...


    Pondera takes over Oldbaum


    In order to help the market become more cost-efficient, innovative technologies and approaches need to be developed and applied in projects world-wide. Following several years of fruitful collaboration, Oldbaum Services...


    Eric Arends visits the BIXPO event in South Korea


    Between 10 and 12 November 2021, the BIXPO event was held in Gwangju, South Korea. At the invitation of the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Eric Arends, vice chairman of...


    Management changes at Pondera Consult


    Pondera has been in existence for over 14 years, and in that time it has grown into a flourishing business employing around 70 people in the Netherlands and abroad. The...


    A fresh start in a refurbished office


    Pondera in Arnhem has undergone a metamorphosis. On 25 October 2021, we moved into the new office next to Arnhem Central Station. The open look, fresh colours and a combination...


    The sewage treatment plant as an energy hub


    Pondera is conducting research for the Unie van Waterschappen (Dutch Association of Water Boards) into a sustainable solution to make sewage treatment plants less dependent on the electricity grid. This...


    Pondera assesses performance of existing wind farms


    In order to assess the performance of existing wind farms, specifically whether a wind farm is achieving its intended energy yield, Pondera has developed a method for preparing what is...


    Blog: From energy producer to energy hub


    With the energy transition in full swing, the Dutch energy grid is becoming increasingly burdened. As a result, the supply of renewable energy to the grid is limited in some...


    Pondera joins online Trade Mission from the Netherlands to Vietnam


    On Thursday 16 September 2021, Pondera joined the online Trade Mission and was introduced to several interesting Vietnamese organisations. Pondera recognizes Vietnam as a strong potential growth market for renewable...


    Pondera and SolarDuck sign agreement for developing 555 MWp of offshore solar projects


    Pondera and SolarDuck, a key player in the floating offshore solar market, signed a memorandum of understanding detailing the development of 555 MWp of offshore solar projects over the coming...


    Pondera's Podium: Tom Herfs’ graduate thesis


    Tom Herfs has been working at Pondera since June 2021. Within the team Environment and Spatial Planning, Tom is a junior advisor on renewable energy and is involved in, among...


    Pondera joins ADCN’s podcast on potential of doing business in Vietnam


    Pondera has been active in Vietnam for several years and is currently preparing a permanent stay with the setup of a local branch office. We consider Vietnam a very promising...


    Blog: The safety of wind turbines


    Fortunately it is a rare occurrence, but wind turbines can fail in such ways that they pose a risk to the safety of the surrounding area. Imagine the damage caused...


    Wind turbine supply contract WF Bovenwind signed


    At the end of June 2021, the cooperative Wij Duurzaam Staphorst signed the supply contract for three Enercon E-138 EP3 E3 wind turbines for wind farm Bovenwind – the first...


    Wind turbine (noise) and health: update


    The fact that our blog on wind turbine noise and health from 2018 is still being read to this day and is the most read blog on our website leads...


    Reinforcement of the contracting team


    Mark van Doorn has been employed by Pondera since 1 May 2021 and works within the CBE team, which is involved in the Contracting, Construction & Exploitation of sustainable energy...


    Start construction Windplan Groen


    On 28 May 2021, the construction of Windplan Groen officially started. The first activities were the decommissioning of several existing wind turbines in the area and the construction of the...


    We would like to introduce you to our new colleagues!


    The Pondera team welcomes four new colleagues: Mark, Rita, John and Tom. We are very confident that they’ll make a major contribution to our team. We would like to introduce...


    Jeju Hanlim Offshore Wind project enters new stage, design and construction phase


    Pondera recently completed the first (contracting) phase of owner’s engineering services for Jeju Hanlim Offshore Wind in South Korea. Pondera and Korean engineering company Hanmi Global are working on this...


    Partnerships: Key factor to accelerate offshore wind in Korea


    South Korean ambitions for the renewable energy transition South Korea has announced a series of renewable energy masterplans in the recent past years and indicated their goals to generate 20%...


    Utrecht University students complete research into energy storage alternatives


    Five enthusiastic students from the Bachelor’s program in Natural Science and Innovation Management at Utrecht University, in collaboration with Pondera, have attempted to answer the question of which energy storage...


    Pondera's Podium: Marjolein Pigge


    Pondera is always working hard to take sustainable energy projects a step forward. The Pondera team consists of juniors and seniors who contribute their expertise and knowledge to the energy...


    Pondera in the Top 250 Growth Companies


    This week, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) published the Top 250 Growth Companies for the fifth time. This time around Pondera is on the list as one of the...


    Environmental effects of the Enschede Energy Vision clearly mapped out


    Positive advice from the EIA Committee and a good example for other municipalities and regions The municipality of Enschede wants to produce at least 8% additional sustainable energy by 2030....


    New CBE team leader: Egbert Jansen


    On 1 April 2021, Egbert Jansen became team leader of the CBE (Contracting, Construction and Exploitation) team. The CBE team deals with the contracting, construction & exploitation of sustainable energy...


    Pondera's energetic challenge


    Colleagues at Pondera decided to fight against sitting down all day and motivate each other to clock up as many kilometres as they could for a good cause. The Ponderians...


    Blog: ‘The fine print’ of the Environmental and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) for the development of wind farms


    ‘Need to know’ for wind farm procedure choice On 1 January, 2022, the Environmental and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) will come into force according to the official schedule, although according to...


    Pondera supports Shell with the acquisition of Energiepark Pottendijk


    At the end of 2020, Shell acquired all the project rights of Energiepark Pottendijk from project developer Deddens. Pondera played an active role in making this acquisition possible. This agreement...


    Pondera and Eneco conclude framework agreement


    To formalise the cooperation between Pondera and Eneco and to make it run more smoothly, Pondera has again concluded a framework agreement at the initiative of Eneco. Pondera and Eneco...


    Start of construction wind turbines at Windpark Fryslân


    The installation of the wind turbines at Fryslân Windpark commenced in March 2021. The inter array cables for the wind farm were buried in the lakebed of the IJsselmeer. These...


    Pondera kicks off in Estonia


    Pondera is to start works in Estonia. We will use our expertise in environmental impact assessment for the Saaremaa offshore wind farm. The wind farm is expected to consist of...


    The Strekdammen project


    At the end of 2020, Pondera and Rebel completed the financing for the Strekdammen Windpark (WPS) with ABN AMRO. Pondera and Rebel are planning to build two GE wind turbines...


    The Pondera team is growing: three new faces have been added!


    The Pondera team continues to grow. These three recent graduates started with us in February. We are very pleased with this strengthening of our team and would like to introduce...


    Construction of Molenbosch Solar Park in progress


    The construction of the Molenbosch Solar Park in Oldeberkoop is progressing steadily, with all the solar panels of the 2.4 hectare solar park now in place. The grid connection and...


    Offshore wind development in the US


    Now that the US has rejoined the Paris  Climate Agreement, offshore wind developers in that country foresee a bright future. In this new era, the US can make a giant...


    Pondera welcomes two new Ponderians


    In 2021, Pondera will again welcome new colleagues to the team. The brand new Ponderians Frank and Bas started in January. We are certain that they will make a major...


    Blog: Offshore wind in the US


    US Offshore wind take-off In the last few months, a lot has been written on the potential take-off of offshore wind in the United States. Now that the US is...


    Blog: Pondering the facts to make energy production more sustainable


    In recent weeks, the regional newspapers have paid attention in two weekend editions to some important pillars of the climate agreement: wind and solar energy. In the Energy of the...


    Meteorological measurement campaign in Sharjah


    For the Sharjah Electricity, Water & Gas Authority, the state-owned utility of the emirate Sharjah in the Gulf, Pondera will conduct a 3 year high-tech meteorological measurement campaign. The measurement...


    Borssele Offshore grid in focus


    Since 2020, the two high-voltage connections Borssele Alpha and Beta have been operational. Borssele offshore grid transports two times 700 MW of wind energy from the Borssele offshore wind energy...


    Invitation to read my blog 'Pondering the facts to make energy production more sustainable'


    I would like to invite you to read my blog. The reason for this blog is the publication of a series of articles in the media entitled: Energy of the...


    Strekdammen gradient measurements


    In the summer of 2020, Pondera was commissioned to perform a short wind measurement campaign to determine the effect of the existing wind farm Eemshaven on the wind speed. Earlier...


    Positive advice from EIA Commission for Wind Park Maasvlakte 2


    The EIA Commission has issued a positive assessment advice for the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Wind Park Maasvlakte 2. The Commission believes that the EIA contains the essential information...


    Pondera and Rebel choose for GE wind turbines in Eemshaven


    The construction of Strekdammen Windpark is getting closer. At the end of 2020 Pondera and Rebel completed the financing of the wind farm with ABN AMRO. This means that the...


    Pondera delivers EIA and Appropriate Assessment for the Hollandse Kust (west)


    Pondera has completed the investigation into the site decisions for Hollandse Kust (west) plots VI and VII, for which tenders are planned in 2021. We completed the Environmental Impact Report...


    Council of State issues positive judgement about Staphorst wind farm


    On 23rd December, 2020, the Council of State issued a decision on the environmental permit for Windpark Staphorst. The wind farm, developed by the Coöperatie Wij Duurzaam Staphorst, consists of...


    Final permit for Noordermeerdijk solar park


    On 23rd November, 2020, the Noordoostpolder Municipality granted the final permit for the Noordermeerdijk solar park in the Noordoostpolder. Pondera and HVC worked together to submit the application for this...


    Offshore grid: Underground transport of sustainable electricity


    The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) and the national operator of the high-voltage grid TenneT are working together on the offshore grid projects – IJmuiden Ver Alpha and...


    ISO certification for Pondera


    Pondera is ISO-9001 certified! The certification of the quality management system of Pondera Consult took place on November 18, 2020, in accordance with the guidelines of NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2015. Our...


    The Pondera team is growing. We would like to introduce you to our new colleagues!


    The Pondera Team continues to grow. We are proud to welcome four new colleagues to our team. We are sure they will make a great contribution to our team. We...


    Blog: The realisation of a geothermal project


    Geothermal energy is considered by many to be the ‘new’ source of sustainable energy. Since the drilling of the first geothermal wells in 2007, this technique has become increasingly sophisticated....


    Permit for extension of Wesselerbrink Enexis transformer substation has been granted


    In order to be able to connect solar parks and wind farms in Overijssel to the electricity network, network operators Enexis and TenneT want to strengthen the existing electricity network....


    Zoning plans for Willem Annapolder and Landmanslust wind farms established


    The Kapelle municipal council adopted the zoning plans for Windpark Willem Annapolder and Windpark Landmanslust on 27 October 2020 with the municipal executive issuing the necessary permits. An environmental impact...


    What does consultant Noud Maas do for TenneT?


    Every day our colleagues at Pondera work hard to take sustainable energy projects a step forward. People may not realise that Pondera is working hard to make the electricity grid...


    GE Haliade-X prototype is now a 13 MW turbine


    The prototype of the GE Haliade-X turbine, the world’s most powerful wind turbine in operation, keeps breaking records. The turbine has been optimized and is now operating at a power...


    Hyunjoo strengthens Pondera’s team in Korea


    Our Korean team continues to expand: Hyunjoo Moon has joined the Pondera team in Seoul. He has extensive experience in conducting wind measurements on various wind turbines. Hyunjoo will be...


    Pondera welcomes Dr. Kim to the Korean team


    We proudly welcome Dr. Kim as a senior advisor in our Korean branch office in Seoul. We proudly welcome Dr. Kim as a senior advisor in our Korean branch office...


    Wind measurements in Indonesia


    The Pondera team in Jakarta, led by Chandra Soemitro, recently installed the first LiDAR in Indonesia. Our colleague Maarten Graveland flew to Indonesia especially for the purpose of supporting the...


    Pondera supports Wind for Buren project


    Pondera is supporting the Wind voor Buren project in carrying out its wind measurements. Wind voor Buren is a local initiative of the Kristen family, the Buren Energie cooperative and...


    Dutch reinforcement Pondera office in Jakarta


    The Pondera office in Jakarta (Indonesia), which opened in September 2018, will be reinforced with one of our Dutch colleagues. Brent Elemans will join the Pondera South East Asia office...


    New branch office in Seoul


    On September 1st 2020, Pondera’s new branch office was launched in Seoul in Korea, one of the most targeted countries in renewable energy. The company will serve Korean clients as...


    Groen Wind Plan is irrevocable


    On 16th September, the Council of State issued its decision on the integration plan and permits for the Groen Wind Plan. As a result of the decision, the integration plan...


    Start construction Wind Farm Fryslân in the IJsselmeer


    On the 7th of September 2020 the offshore construction works for Wind Farm Fryslân were started by driving the first of 89 foundation piles into the bottom of the IJsselmeer....


    SDE+ decision for Agro-Wind Reusel Wind Farm awarded by RVO


    In the past (extra) spring SDE+ round, Pondera, on behalf of Windpark Agro-Wind Reusel B.V., submitted an application for the SDE+ operating subsidy. RVO recently decided to award the SDE+ subsidy to this project. This is the next step towards the realisation of this wind farm. Pondera congratulates Windpark Agro-Wind. . .


    Saba to explore feasibility of wind energy


    Saba to explore feasibility of wind energy The Public Entity Saba, the Saba Electric Company (SEC) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate are exploring ways to further expand...


    CrossWind wins tender for Hollandse Kust (noord) wind farm


    The CrossWind consortium, a joint venture between Shell in the Netherlands and Eneco, is delighted to have been awarded the tender for the subsidy-free offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust (noord). Congrats to Shell and Eneco.


    Plan for Delfzijl Zuid wind farm extension established


    On 25 June 2020, the city council of the municipality of Delfzijl (re)established the zoning plan for the Delfzijl Zuid wind farm extension. Subsequently, on 30 June 2020, the Board...


    Pondera, CE Delft and BRO are working on the Energy Main Structure Program


    In collaboration with CE Delft, BRO and Pondera will carry out the integrated effects analysis (IEA) for the Energy Main Structure Program (PEH) under the EIA / RIP framework agreement. The effect analysis was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and in collaboration with the Ministry of. . .


    Certificate for Haliade-X 12 MW


    In June 2020, GE announced that the Haliade-X 12 MW received a provisional type certificate from DNV-GL. This makes it the most powerful turbine in the world, a step closer...


    Intrapec opens a solar roof with Sun Canticle


    Playing a Canticle of the Sun to open a solar pv roof: very fitting. This happened on Friday 28 February in Spankeren at the packaging company Intrapec, although the sun barely showed itself.


    City Council approves construction Wind Farm Agro Wind in Reusel


    On 17 February 2020, the City Council of Reusel-De Mierden decided to issue a declaration of no objection for the construction of Wind Farm Agro Wind. This paves the way...


    World record for Haliade-X 12 MW!


    Pondera’s Haliade-X 12 MW prototype in Port of Rotterdam has just set a new world record! It is the first wind turbine ever to generate 288 MWh over the course...


    Wind measurement campaign now even more efficient!


    At the location of a future wind farm, measurements are often taken with a meteorological measuring mast or LiDAR to determine the local wind climate, which is necessary for financing...


    Pondera member of DeepWind cluster


    Pondera is expanding its business to Scotland by entering into the DeepWind cluster.


    Applications for SDE+ Autumn 2019 well exceed budget


    The SDE+ (Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production) is an operating subsidy for the production of renewable energy in the Netherlands, which covers the price difference between cost price of renewable...


    Inauguration Haliade-X 12 MW


    On 17 and 19 December 2019 Pondera celebrated the inauguration of the World’s largest wind turbine: the GE Haliade-X 12 MW. “As developer and co-owner together with Sif – in...


    Eneco purchases electricity Haliade-X prototype


    Eneco, Future Wind (a joint venture of Pondera Development and SIF Holding Nederland) and GE Renewable Energy announced today that Eneco will purchase all of the electricity generated by GE’s...


    Pondera strengthens team with offshore wind experience


    Pondera entered a partnership with three offshore wind professionals who have won their spurs in this sector.


    GE Haliade-X 12 MW supplies power


    The prototype of the world's most powerful offshore wind turbine, the GE Haliade-X 12 MW, has deliverd its very first kilowatt hours.


    World’s most powerful wind turbine completely installed!


    All three blades of the GE Haliade-X 12 MW are installed. The commissioning of the world’s largest and most powerful wind turbine will be completed in the coming weeks. Key...


    Installation of GE Haliade’s blades has started!


    We are happy to announce that the installation of the first two blades of the GE Haliade-X 12 MW prototype has started. The third blade has yet to arrive at...


    Declaration of no objections for Wind farm Bovenwind


    On 23 September 2019, the Staphorst municipal council issued a declaration of no objection for the Bovenwind wind farm (previously Staphorst wind farm). This means that the developer of the...


    Nacelle installed on GE Haliade-X 12 MW turbine


    The Nacelle of the largest offshore wind turbine in the world Pondera GE Haliade-X 12 MW has been successfully installed at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. Key figures for the Haliade-X 12...


    Pondera/Hanmi Global enter Korean Offshore Wind project


    Dutch based engineering consultancy Pondera and Korean engineering company Hanmi Global announced that they were awarded a contract from Jeju Hanlim Offshore Wind Co. to perform the role as an...


    Pondera Consult supervises tender Nieuwleusen wind farm


    In July 2019, Pondera drew up the tender documentation for Westenwind 1 B.V. for the design, construction and maintenance of two wind turbines in the vicinity of Nieuwleusen, The Netherlands....


    Pondera’s GE Haliade-X 12 MW in the media


    The Dutch media was very enthusiastic about the fact that the Netherlands is the first country to place the world's largest offshore wind turbine.


    Haliade-X nacelle on its way to Rotterdam


    The Haliade-X nacelle is on its way to Rotterdam! The nacelle of the world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine, along with the 107-meter long blades, will be installed onshore to...


    Blog: Largest wind turbines for low to medium wind speeds


    Windy areas in countries that have well-developed wind energy markets, like the US, UK or Germany, are gradually being filled by wind farms. Renewable energy developers are therefore looking at opportunities to further develop wind farms in areas with low to medium wind speeds. Other regions with lower wind speeds. . .


    GE unveils the first Haliade-X 12 MW nacelle


    GE Renewable Energy has unveiled the nacelle of the world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine, the Haliade-X 12 MW. This unit will be shipped in the coming weeks from Saint-Nazaire...


    Eneco signs largest PPA with Dutch wind farm


    On Wednesday, 17 July, Eneco signed a Power Purchase Contract (PPA) with Windpark Fryslân bv. During 15 years, Eneco will purchase the electricity produced by the 382,7 MW nearshore Fryslân...


    250 people line up for the 107 meter Haliade-X blade


    250 people line up in front of the 107 meter blade for the Haliade-X wind turbine. This blade is manufactured by LM Wind Power in Cherbourg, France. The Haliade-X 12...


    Indonesian members of parliament visit Holland


    On June 27th 2019, a delegation of the Indonesian members of parliament lead by Dr. Agus Hermanto (Deputy Speaker of The House of Representatives), visited the Noordoostpolder Wind Farm in the...


    Update Haliade-X prototype in Rotterdam


    Update: we have installed Tower segments 0, 1, and 2 of the Haliade-X prototype in Rotterdam. T3 will be installed once the nacelle has arrived during the summer. The four...


    Haliade-X tower sections arrived at Rotterdam


    Haliade-X tower sections arrived at Rotterdam! The four tower sections that will be part of Haliade-X 12 MW prototype to be installed this summer have just arrived at the Port...


    Notice grid connection Hollandse Kust (west Beta)


    The scoping notice (Dutch: NRD) for the offshore grid connection Hollandse Kust (west Beta) is available for public review from June 7th to July 18th 2019.  This project connects 700MW of wind...


    Definitive permission for Wind farm N33


    On May 29th, the Dutch Council of State (Raad van State) has ruled that the objections against wind farm N33 are unfounded. The department of administrative justice concluded that the plans for...


    Webinar Wind Resource Assessment HKN available online


    Last week , Erik Holtslag gave a presentation on the Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) for Hollandse Kust (noord), during a webinar which was organized by You can now watch the...


    Positive advice EIA commission Windplan Groen


    The Commission for environmental assessment has issued a positive advice for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Windplan Groen. The Commission has judged the EIA to include all the essential...


    WRA for Hollandse Kust (noord) completed


    The Wind Resource Aassessment for Hollandse Kust (noord) is now publicly available for all interested parties. The study aims to reduce the uncertainties for a project. This might lead to lower project...


    Rotterdam Offshore Wind Coalition revalued


    On Wednesday 17 April the key actors of the Rotterdam area revalued their ambition to lead the Rotterdam port area towards a globally dominating role in the offshore wind sector...


    Preparing the site for the Haliade 12-X 12 MW


    Preparing the site that will host GE’s Haliade-X 12 MW, the most powerful offshore wind turbine in the world, to be installed in Maasvlakte-Rotterdam, Netherlands, in partnership with FutureWind. Haliade-X...


    Pondera in Vietnam with PM Rutte for trade mission


    Eric Arends, partner at Pondera Consult, is currently partaking in a trade mission to Vietnam, organised by VNO-NCW. The mission lasts from the 7th to the 12th of April. The...


    Ground breaking ceremony at future Haliade-X 12 MW


    Future Wind (the Joint Venture between Pondera Development and SIF Holding Netherlands) organized a symbolic ground-breaking event that took place in Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, to celebrate the start of preparatory activities to...


    Pondera wins EIA contract for two offshore wind energy areas


    Pondera Consult will do the preparations for lots VI and VII of the offshore wind energy area ‘Hollandse Kust (west)’ on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate....


    Official launch construction Wind Farm Fryslân


    On March 14, 2019, Pondera’s CEO Hans Rijntalder, with representatives from Wind Farm Fryslân and the Zuiderzeewind building consortium with Siemens Gamesa and Van Oord officially launched the construction by...


    Arcadis and Pondera collaborate on offshore grid permits and EIA


    Arcadis, the globally operating design- and consultancy organisation for the natural and built environment, and Pondera, the specialist in renewable energy, will manage the permits and the EIA, including the...


    GE’s Haliade-X 12 MW to be installed in Rotterdam


    GE Renewable Energy and Future Wind have signed an agreement to install the first Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbine.


    LCoE of future Dutch offshore wind farms


    The Netherlands has the ambition to have multiple offshore windfarms operational by 2030 to fulfil climate agreements. The future wind farms will be constructed in sites located offshore of the...


    Wind in Vietnam: Dutch Opportunities


    The opportunities for wind energy in Vietnam are looking very promising. Research by the World Bank estimates a total potential of 500 gigawatt, which is ten times Vietnam’s expected energy...


    Pondera to attend Vietnam’s Offshore Roundtable


    During Vietnam’s Offshore Wind Roundtable on November 22nd, Eric Arends, director of Pondera Consult, will discuss the potential and outlook for the offshore wind industry in Vietnam and the potential...


    Consortium will support by conducting WRA HKN


    A consortium consisting of Oldbaum Services, Pondera Consult, Whiffle and Deltares will support the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( by conducting a Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) for Wind Farm Zone Hollandse...


    Meer duurzame energie met less kabels, kan dat?


    Bij de ontwikkeling van een nieuw wind- of zonnepark is de aansluiting op het elektriciteitsnetwerk een belangrijk onderdeel van het project. De realisatie van een aansluiting is onder de “Netcode...


    Demand for wind measurement services quickly increasing


    The demand for wind measurement services is increasing due to the growth and maturing of the wind energy market. Accurate wind resource assessments help in determining the right locations for...


    Renewable hybrid energy systems tourism industry


    There is a high demand for affordable and reliable energy in the Indonesian tourism industry. The increase in energy price, the unreliable electricity supply and the trend towards sustainable tourism...


    Pondera starts in Indonesia


    Pioneering in Indonesia Just like other countries Indonesia is beginning its own energy transition. The government has recently announced serious ambitions for this purpose. The archipelago has many natural resources...


    Highest court: wind farm Fryslân may be built


    All the submitted objections against the permit applications or land-use planning for Wind Farm Fryslân were rejected. By this ruling The Council of State, the highest court in the Netherlands,...


    Dutch perspective on New York’s ambitions wind energy


    Last week Martijn ten Klooster (Pondera Consult) and Aaldert ten Veen (Stibbe) participated in the closed seminar organized by Sive, Paget & Riesel in New York, focusing on the ambitions...


    Pondera Consult and Arcadis investigate ways to connect offshore wind farms to power grid


    Arcadis and Pondera were asked to conduct a strategical study on the best possible methods to transport energy from future large-scale offshore wind farms to the Dutch mainland. The wind...


    Unexplored countries with high potential for wind energy


    A lot of information is available online on countries who have the most installed wind energy capacity and how these countries are increasing their capacity every year. Think of countries like China, the United States, Germany, India or Spain. Information on countries with the most installed wind energy capacity is. . .


    Plans wind farm De Veenwieken are irrevocable


    The Council of State declared the appeals against the zoning plan, integration plan and environmental permist for wind farm De Veenwieken, with 10 wind turbines south of Demensvaart, unfounded. This...


    Administrative Jurisdiction Division approves WFSD Hollandse Kust (zuid)


    The Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State issued a positive judgement on the Wind Farm Site Desicions (WFSD) for sites I and II of the Hollandse Kust (zuid)...


    European wind sector growing but not yet matured


    The wind energy sector is now a mature sector. A first look at the exhibition floor of the WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2017 seems to confirm this picture. With more...


    Invitation WIND EUROPE 2017 Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam


    Pondera is present this year at the WindEurope 2017 in Amsterdam on the 28th-30th of November.


    Pondera starts its first wind measurement campaign


    With the purchase of a ZephIR 300 Pondera will soon start with its first wind measurement campaign. The ZephIR 300 is a Lidar: a device which measures the wind speed...


    Pondera consults wind development along A16


    The Province of North Brabant has chosen the preferred alternative for wind energy along the A16. This means that Pondera Consult also advises in the coming phase in the further...


    Iconic island Sumba: future for wind energy?


    The Indonesian governments aims to develop Sumba island in a sustainable way using its abundant sources of renewable energy, such as wind energy. Goal is to achieve 95% renewable energy...


    Province Groningen grants permits five wind farms


    The province of Groningen has granted an environmental permit for five wind farms this week. Pondera Consult was involved in the preparation of three of these wind farms. This concerns...


    Commission m.e.r. positive about EIA WFSD’s


    The Commission m.e.r. has issued a review advice on the environmental impact report (EIA) for the Wind Farm Site Decisions for sites III and IV of the Hollandse Kust (zuid)...


    Pondera supports development solar farms Nijmegen


    Following the work that Pondera Consult carried out for Wind Farm Nijmegen-Betuwe along the A15 in Nijmegen, developer Wiek-II asked Pondera to support the development of two solar farms in...


    The search for added value


    What makes wind projects so special?


    Launch of Wind Minds Korea


    On April 6th, A new renewable energy company was launched at the International Green Energy Expo 2016 in Daegu, Korea: Wind Minds Korea. Wind Minds Korea, a joint venture between...


    Pondera Consult supports Raedthuys at windturbine in Goor


    Raedthuys Pure Energie en de Energie Coöperatie Hof van Twente (ECHT) willen samen een windturbine, met een ashoogte van maximaal 140 meter ho


    Borssele EIA approved by independent EIA Committee


    The EIA Committee has issued a positive advice on the environmental impact assessment for the first two planning decrees of the Borssele wind energy area. The consulting and engineering firms...


    Turbine construction started at wind farm Westermeerwind (NL)


    On the 19th of august, the wind turbine construction started at the Dutch near shore wind farm Westermeerwind. The first tower sections are being installed on the foundations which were...


    Pondera Consult to assist the province of Zuid Holland with wind development EIA


    The province of Zuid Holland will be preparing an EIA with the purpose of identifying alternative locations for wind energy development within the Rotterdam region in order to achieve the...


    Pondera Consult wins EIA tender for Wind Farm Zeewolde


    Pondera Consult has been asked by De Ontwikkelvereniging Zeewolde and Windunie to support the entire EIA process for the Rijksinpassingsplan to realise Wind Farm Zeewolde.


    Final permits and national zoning plan for Wind farm Wieringermeer


    The three parties who are jointly developing Wind farm Wieringermeer (Nuon, ECN and Windcollectief Wieringermeer) have received the final permits for the planned 99 wind turbine wind farm in the...


    Grontmij and Pondera to prepare offshore wind farms


    7 May – Grontmij, a listed consulting & engineering company with a strong European presence, and partner Pondera Consult  will carry out preparatory studies for the call for tender by...


    Wind farm Westermeerwind


    The Netherlands' largest near shore wind power plant Westermeerwind is to be erected in lake Ijssel. Pondera Consult was involved in the project form its early development stage.


    Wind power seminar by ICEX/Spanish Commercial Office


    Within the framework of the Renewable Energy Week, on 2 March the Commercial Office in The Hague organized an online seminar on wind power in the Netherlands, aimed at informing...


    Construction start of 4 wind turbines at Zuiderzeehaven


    Construction of four wind turbines at the Zuiderzeehaven and Haatlandhaven in Kampen in the Netherlands will start by the end of January 2015. Zuiderzeehaven C.V., as the consent holder of...


    Pondera to support Siemens with Permit Management


    Pondera Consult has been asked by Siemens to provide permit management services for the installation of the offshore wind turbines at the Noordoostpolder wind farm. Siemens is currently constructing the...


    Borssele Offshore Wind Area First To Be Assessed Under New Environmental Framework


    The Dutch EIA Commission has confirmed that the approach used by Pondera Consult and Grontmij, to investigate the environmental impact of the offshore wind energy area “Borssele”, is clear and...


    Pondera/Arcadis prepare the first Dutch offshore grid connection


    Pondera Consult and Arcadis consortium given the go-ahead to prepare EIA and permit application for the first Dutch offshore grid connection. Pondera Consult, together with Arcadis, has been asked by...


    Concept Scoping Report Borssele for public consultation


    On 24 October 2014, the Concept Scoping Report for ‘Kavelbesluiten Borssele’ was published for public consultation. This concept scoping report has been prepared by Pondera Consult and Grontmij and describes...


    Construction of 4 wind turbines to start at Heineken brewery


    Pondera Consult prepared the Environmental Impact Assessment and managed the permit application process for the installation of four wind turbines, with a combined installed capacity of 12 MW, at the Heineken...


    New partnership for international offshore wind farms


    THE NETHERLANDS / GERMANY – Four Dutch and German consultancies in the field of offshore renewable energy have teamed up and established a new international consultancy company Wind Minds with...


    National Cultural Heritage Institute seminar


    To achieve the ambitious Dutch national renewable energy targets, a substantial increase of installed onshore wind energy is required over the next few years. Inevitably, wind energy will also appear...


    Final permit issued for wind farm Nieuwe Waterweg


    The municipality of Rotterdam issued the final permit for wind farm Nieuwe Waterweg in Hoek van Holland The Netherlands This project consists of 8 wind turbines, projected parallel to the...


    Permit applications submitted for Wind farm Wieringermeer


    On the 9th of September, seven permit applications were submitted for constructing Wind farm Wieringermeer at the municipality of Hollands Kroon. The wind farm, located in the Wieringermeer polder, will...


    Wind energy participation


    On the 18th of september Pondera Consult greeted around 70 people at the office of Stibbe legal advisors to discuss wind energy participation. Topics covered were participation theory, strategic stakeholder management, financial...


    New wind turbine operational in Harlingen – The Netherlands


    A new wind turbine in the municipality of Harlingen (Netherlands) has been operational since the beginning of this month.  Pondera Consult assisted in obtaining the necessary permits and conducted the formal...


    Code of Conduct for the support of and participation in land-based wind energy in the Netherlands


    Wednesday 3rd of September, witnessed the signing of the “Code of Conduct for the support of and participation in land-based wind energy” by the NWEA; an alliance between the federation...


    Wind Park Nijmegen-Noord in the Netherlands in the pipelines


    Pondera Consult has prepared an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for Wind Park Nijmegen-Noord in the Netherlands following a request from the municipality of Nijmegen. The EIA, which was prepared for the purpose of the zoning plan,...


    Funding for Wind Farm Westermeerwind finalised


    A consortium of banks headed by ING and Rabobank as structuring banks will be funding Wind Farm Westermeerwind in Noordoostpolder. In addition to ING and Rabobank , ASN Bank and...


    Spatial development plan wind energy Goeree-Overflakkee in the Netherlands completed


    A large majority in Goeree-Overflakkee’s council voted for the adjusted ‘partial revision of the regional spatial development plan Goeree-Overflakkee Wind Energy’ on Thursday 19 June 2014 ( spatial development plan...


    EIA and environmental impact report with environmental impact assessment Wind farm Wieringermeer in the Netherlands finished


    Pondera Consult has charted the effects of Wind Park Wieringermeer on themes like noise, shadows cast, flora and fauna etc.


    Grontmij and Pondera launch offshore wind parks Borssele in the Netherlands


    The Ministry of Economic Affairs has asked consulting and engineering agency Grontmij and Pondera Consult to create an Environmental Impact Assessment and Appropriate Assessment for the allocation of plots in...


    Pondera Consult supports public campaign: ‘turbines also turn for you’


    The “Turbines also turn for you” campaign was launched this weekend. This campaign highlights the importance of wind energy for the creation of a more sustainable country. Website, radio commercials,...


    On a wind mission to Taiwan


    Pondera Consult recently joined 11 other leading Dutch companies and institutes on a business development mission to Taiwan. The trip was organized by Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE), an...


    World premiere of the new life size photovisual screen by Pondera Consult


    Today most spatial developments, from new industrial areas to wind farms,  use photo or video visuals to show the future situation to the public. Using 3D rendering software and Photoshop,...


    Pondera Consult launches new UK branch


    Pondera Consult takes the step to the UK en launches “Pondera UK” during the Renewable UK Offshore Wind Convention 2013 on June the 13th 2013. With former SSE Asset manager Arno...


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