Geothermal energy is a relatively new form of sustainable energy. Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Pondera Geo Energy initiates geothermal projects for heat supply and electricity production (ultra deep geothermal energy).

Read the latest news about our Geothermal projects below.

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  • Pondera Geo Energy participates in research into hydrogen storage in salt caverns


    Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a consortium of companies under the name H2C3 (H2 Cavern Conglomerate Combination) is to investigate the potential of storing hydrogen in Dutch salt...


    An impeccable project: opening WP Strekdammen


    Together with relations and colleagues we celebrated the opening of Windpark Strekdammen on August 31st. A project that has been realized by Pondera and Rebel in the Eemshaven estuary and...


    Signing of Pondera - Pertamina Study on integrated Offshore Wind Energy and Green Hydrogen production in Indonesia


    JAKARTA – Pertamina Power Indonesia (Pertamina NRE) and Pondera Development BV (Pondera) signed a joint study agreement (JSA) on the development of Integrated Offshore Wind Energy & Green Hydrogen Production...


    Offshore wind farms with a positive ecological impact: is it possible?


    Creating harmony between nature and wind energy resonates with Pondera's vision. Since 2014, Pondera and ecological research institute Bureau Waardenburg have been working together to develop offshore wind farms that cause as little damage to nature as possible. But they are taking it one step further: wind energy at sea. . .


    Three new faces at Pondera


    Three new colleagues have recently joined the ever-growing Pondera team. Varildo, Mark and Egbert briefly introduce themselves below. Varildo Vaseur Varildo works as a Renewable Energy Advisor within the Contracting,...


    Clean energy? Support civil initatives


    The energy transition is inevitable, and many people want clean energy. However, local residents may be concerned if a wind turbine is placed in proximity of their homes. Noise and...


    Pondera innovates with off-grid hydrogen production at sea


    Industry, energy companies and the government all want an energy mix including hydrogen. The plans are ambitious: 8 gigawatts of hydrogen must be produced in the Netherlands by 2030. But there is still a lot unclear about the production, trade and use of hydrogen. Egbert Jansen, Contracting Team Manager at. . .


    Hydrogen rather final element than starting point in the energy transition


    Offshore wind farms are on the rise. In the next ten years, another 10 gigawatts of capacity will be built in the North Sea, relatively close to the coast. But what happens after 2030? Will we continue to build? Will we be able to use the renewable energy, or will. . .


    Part 3: Strekdammen wind farm - the turbines are almost ready


    The completion of Wind Farm Strekdammen is getting closer! In part 3 of our vlog series, reporter Anne de Boer shows us on site how the construction of the two...


    Pondera and SEWA sign MOU to enable development of wind and solar parks in Sharjah


    In Arnhem, on May 9th, Hans Rijntalder, chairman of Pondera and H.E. Saeed Sultan Al Suwaidi, chairman of SEWA (Sharjah Electricity, Water & Gas Authority) signed an MOU for a...


    Pondera Risk Consult Co. Ltd founded in Seoul, South Korea


    Charlie Huang, Korean team member of the Branche office of Pondera in Seoul, is the director of the new company Pondera Risk Consult. Charlie has in-depth knowledge and experience in...


    Sif Group, representing KCI the engineers, GE Renewable Energy and Pondera sign an MoU for the feasibility study of a Green Hydrogen Centralized Offshore Wind Production Project: AmpHytrite


    The AmpHytrite project is aimed at mastering the complexity of a centralized offshore and off-grid hydrogen production unit and is aiming a staged construction and operation of this green hydrogen...


    Pondera participates in trade mission to Baltic States


    Pondera’s Joost Sissingh participated in the Dutch trade mission to the Baltic States. This visit to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania focused on offshore wind energy and took place from 10...


    Pertamina NRE and Pondera aim for wind power plant development in Indonesia


    Pertamina NRE and Pondera Development BV (Pondera) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the development of wind power plants in Indonesia on Thursday 21 April 2022. Through the MoU,...


    Work visit to Pondera's offices in Vietnam and Indonesia


    During April 2022, Eric Arends was on a work visit to Vietnam and Indonesia. Eric is responsible for Pondera in Southeast Asia and after two and a half years of...


    Pondera’s team continues to grow


    Pondera continues to expand, and at the end of March, we welcomed five new colleagues: Mark, Desiree, Jeroen, Sergio and Richelle. Please allow us to introduce them to you. Mark...


    CWW2022 at Egmond aan Zee – an insightful event on Wind energy and Wildlife


    In the first week of April 2022, we were at CWW2022, the Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts at Egmond aan Zee. CWW is an internationally recognized event to...


    Pondera uses Whiffle’s unique weather prediction technology to advance to the next level of wind flow modelling


    Pondera has entered into a license agreement with Whiffle to use Whiffle’s innovative model called GRASP (GPU-resident Atmospheric Simulation Platform). With Whiffle’s GRASP model, Pondera puts itself on the forefront...


    Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) positive about EIA Additional Design North Sea Programme 2022-2027


    The Dutch government seeks to generate an additional 10 gigawatts of wind energy in the North Sea by 2030 in order to reduce 55% of the CO2 emissions as compared...


    Pondera facilitates selection process and permit procedure to switch off wind turbine lighting


    Obstruction lighting for wind turbines higher than 150 metres, which is often seen as a nuisance, may now be switched off at night more often. Using a detection system, the...


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