Onshore wind

Generating electricity from onshore wind is currently the most common wind energy generation method. Pondera has been supporting the largest onshore wind projects for many years, but also delivers smaller setups.

Read the latest news about our onshore wind projects below.

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  • Pondera assesses performance of existing wind farms


    In order to assess the performance of existing wind farms, specifically whether a wind farm is achieving its intended energy yield, Pondera has developed a method for preparing what is...


    Pondera joins online Trade Mission from the Netherlands to Vietnam


    On Thursday 16 September 2021, Pondera joined the online Trade Mission and was introduced to several interesting Vietnamese organisations. Pondera recognizes Vietnam as a strong potential growth market for renewable...


    Pondera and SolarDuck sign agreement for developing 555 MWp of offshore solar projects


    Pondera and SolarDuck, a key player in the floating offshore solar market, signed a memorandum of understanding detailing the development of 555 MWp of offshore solar projects over the coming...


    Pondera's Podium: Tom Herfs’ graduate thesis


    Tom Herfs has been working at Pondera since June 2021. Within the team Environment and Spatial Planning, Tom is a junior advisor on renewable energy and is involved in, among...


    Pondera joins ADCN’s podcast on potential of doing business in Vietnam


    Pondera has been active in Vietnam for several years and is currently preparing a permanent stay with the setup of a local branch office. We consider Vietnam a very promising...


    The safety of wind turbines


    Fortunately it is a rare occurrence, but wind turbines can fail in such ways that they pose a risk to the safety of the surrounding area. Imagine the damage caused...


    Wind turbine supply contract WF Bovenwind signed


    At the end of June 2021, the cooperative Wij Duurzaam Staphorst signed the supply contract for three Enercon E-138 EP3 E3 wind turbines for wind farm Bovenwind – the first...


    Wind turbine (noise) and health: update


    The fact that our blog on wind turbine noise and health from 2018 is still being read to this day and is the most read blog on our website leads...


    Reinforcement of the contracting team


    Mark van Doorn has been employed by Pondera since 1 May 2021 and works within the CBE team, which is involved in the Contracting, Construction & Exploitation of sustainable energy...


    Start construction Windplan Groen


    On 28 May 2021, the construction of Windplan Groen officially started. The first activities were the decommissioning of several existing wind turbines in the area and the construction of the...


    We would like to introduce you to our new colleagues!


    The Pondera team welcomes four new colleagues: Mark, Rita, John and Tom. We are very confident that they’ll make a major contribution to our team. We would like to introduce...


    Jeju Hanlim Offshore Wind project enters new stage, design and construction phase


    Pondera recently completed the first (contracting) phase of owner’s engineering services for Jeju Hanlim Offshore Wind in South Korea. Pondera and Korean engineering company Hanmi Global are working on this...


    Partnerships: Key factor to accelerate offshore wind in Korea


    South Korean ambitions for the renewable energy transition South Korea has announced a series of renewable energy masterplans in the recent past years and indicated their goals to generate 20%...


    Utrecht University students complete research into energy storage alternatives


    Five enthusiastic students from the Bachelor’s program in Natural Science and Innovation Management at Utrecht University, in collaboration with Pondera, have attempted to answer the question of which energy storage...


    Pondera's Podium: Marjolein Pigge


    Pondera is always working hard to take sustainable energy projects a step forward. The Pondera team consists of juniors and seniors who contribute their expertise and knowledge to the energy...


    Pondera in the Top 250 Growth Companies


    This week, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) published the Top 250 Growth Companies for the fifth time. This time around Pondera is on the list as one of the...


    Environmental effects of the Enschede Energy Vision clearly mapped out


    Positive advice from the EIA Committee and a good example for other municipalities and regions The municipality of Enschede wants to produce at least 8% additional sustainable energy by 2030....


    New CBE team leader: Egbert Jansen


    On 1 April 2021, Egbert Jansen became team leader of the CBE (Contracting, Construction and Exploitation) team. The CBE team deals with the contracting, construction & exploitation of sustainable energy...


    Pondera's energetic challenge


    Colleagues at Pondera decided to fight against sitting down all day and motivate each other to clock up as many kilometres as they could for a good cause. The Ponderians...


    ‘The fine print’ of the Environmental and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) for the development of wind farms


    ‘Need to know’ for wind farm procedure choice On 1 January, 2022, the Environmental and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) will come into force according to the official schedule, although according to...


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