When developing a renewable energy project, for example, for wind energy, solar energy or geothermal energy, it is necessary to formalize agreements made between the various parties. This prevents any surprises afterwards, which means that all parties know where everyone stands. The anterior agreement is a common mean of settling agreements between governments, initiators of sustainable projects, and landowners.

Anterior agreements on renewable energy projects

Pondera has experience in drafting anterior agreements for various wind and solar projects and supervising these agreements. This usually involves defining of the obligations for both the initiator of the project and the relevant government. For example, the responsibility of the initiator for the preliminary dismantling of buildings on the project location. Or the removal of a solar park after the operating period. Obligations for a municipality often relate to the best efforts obligation to bring the environmental permit into procedure swiftly.

Pondera uses the saying: trust is good, formalizing is better. Do you want to be sure that the agreements that you, as a government, make with a private party or vice versa, last for the duration of the operating period? We are happy to support you in this. Then we can jointly assess whether drawing up an anterior agreement will give you the comfort you are looking for. In addition, Pondera can also support in concluding a confidentiality agreement, letter of intent or land use agreement.

Senior Renewable Energy Consultant

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