Understanding your wind climate is fundamental in any wind energy project.

Although many aspects of a wind energy project might be critical in a development path, if your target site has insufficient wind, a project might never be viable. For the various stages of development of wind farm, ever-increasing accuracy of wind-climate understanding is therefore generally expected.

For every phase of your project’s development or life-time, Pondera offers a services to provide a cost-effective wind resource estimate. From first-look to fully bankable, from onsite wind measurements to the analysis of SAR-images, through LES-modelling or multi-model wake calculations or, post-construction, SCADA-data assessment: Your project will benefit.

Pondera maps wind patterns and produces physical flow models of selected wind farms. These are used to determine the most ideal position for the wind turbines.

For customers who want to buy an existing wind farm, Pondera offers an expert opinion (a so called ‘Due Diligence) on the quality of the existing wind energy yield reports or based on the output (SCADA-data) of the wind farm. The wind and energy revenue assessments are accepted for financing purposes by banks around the world.

Renewable Energy Consultant

Renewable Energy Consultant

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