After all preparatory work, the realisation of the sustainable energy project (wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy) starts. During the implementation phase it is important to take any lessons learned from the preparation phase and integrate them during the realisation phase. The Pondera construction team brings its experience from the preliminary phase and can check and/or adjust during the realisation phase so that the project is realised as planned.

Construction supervision of the sustainable energy project

In the run-up to the realisation, many investigations, decisions, and agreements are made. To ensure that the project is built as agreed, Pondera can offer its construction supervision service during construction. Structurally, someone can be present on the construction site to monitor progress, monitor quality and maintain safety. The construction supervision ensures that there is close cooperation between the implementing parties and the client. The construction supervision is therefore the eyes and ears of the Director and Contract Manager. Because our colleagues at Pondera are closely involved in the preparation of sustainable energy projects (for example in wind and solar energy projects), it is possible for us to use specialist knowledge to streamline the implementation. Pondera can therefore be used on a wide range, such as civil, electrical, security, ICT, interfaces and permits.

Every project requires a tailor-made approach, but activities that Pondera can perform, for example, as a construction supervisor are:

  • acting as the point of contact at the location for the implementing parties;
  • monitoring and reporting on the progress of implementation;
  • Inspecting/checking the work during execution to guarantee and record the quality;
  • assessing validation/verification plans;
  • assessing safety and/or work plans;
  • monitoring and maintaining safety;
  • assessing as-built files.

We are happy to share our thoughts with you on the right development solution for your project. For questions or a specific proposal, please contact us.

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