After the realisation of your solar or wind project, the operational phase begins. In this phase, the aim is to operate the wind farm or solar park as safely as possible and to have the park produce as much as possible. To take the pressure off you as an owner, there are numerous providers who can take over the maintenance and management for you. Here we distinguish between a maintenance contract and a management contract.

  • The maintenance contract describes how the maintenance party performs the maintenance and what the party guarantees as the associated availability of the turbines. The maintenance contract is regularly concluded with the supplier of the wind turbines or solar panels, but in many cases can also be concluded with another party.
  • The management contract describes how the manager monitors wind turbines or the solar park to maximise production. It also details how this party manages the power contract and fulfils agreements with the grid operator.

Maintenance and management contract for solar and wind farms

To select the best party for your maintenance and management contract from the numerous providers, going through a tender process can be beneficial. We can support you by going through the following steps:

  • drawing up a request in which the scope of management and/or maintenance is defined;
  • pre-selection of the most suitable parties;
  • inviting the parties to issue an offer;
  • assessing and comparing the offers in order to select a preferred supplier;
  • concluding a management and/or maintenance contract with the preferred supplier.

Pondera and the sustainable energy project tender

Pondera has significant experience in managing tenders for renewable energy projects involving wind energy, solar energy and/or geothermal energy. We are therefore well acquainted with all laws and regulations that a maintenance party and supplier manager must meet. In addition to the laws and regulations, you as the owner have the flexibility to determine the desired tasks of the maintenance or management party. Together with you, we can design contracts so that you can hand over the management and maintenance with confidence.

Do you want to ensure that the operation of your energy park is properly secured during the operational phase? We are happy to have a conversation with you about this, without obligation. We can then map out the wishes and requirements for the maintenance or management party.

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