If a wind turbine or wind farm does not perform as expected and the expected yield forecasts cannot be achieved, this may have several causes. There are several potential factors or a combination of factors that can affect the performance, and consequently the yields, of a wind energy project.

Pondera analyses and evaluates the yield-related aspects of a wind energy project at all different levels. To this end, the documentation and available SCADA data are evaluated. Deficiencies are identified and losses are quantified. On this basis, Pondera produces detailed recommendations based on the optimisation of the operation of the wind farm and for the increase in revenues.

Our services:

  • Analysis of the general technical state of the facilities, infrastructure and perimeter;
  • Analysis of the technical condition of the turbines in relation to operational incidents such as damage, malfunctions, defects, etc.;
  • Analysis and evaluation of inspections, maintenance and servicing;
  • Analysis and evaluation of technical availability and comparison with contractual provisions;
  • Analysis and evaluation of power curve performance;
  • Analysis and optimisation of business restrictions due to environmental constraints;
  • Analysis and optimisation of actual performance behaviour;
  • Analysis and optimisation of yaw and turbine alignment;
  • Analysis of the internal network losses and the network management of the wind farm;
  • Analysis of potential shadow flicker effects;
  • Analysis of the logistics setup and limitations;
  • Analysis of the maintenance organisation.

If the analysis results in a wish to perform an independent measurement to test the power-curve, please check our Verification services.



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