After you have selected a manufacturer, contractor or installer for your sustainable energy project (such as wind energy, solar energy installations or geothermal energy), you agree a contract with this party. You agree on what they will supply you with and for what price.

But how do you ensure that everything you have agreed upon is actually complied with? Contract management is important for this. This generally means the following:

  • keeping a handle on the progress of the contracted parties;
  • performing risk-based tests on the design process, interfaces, implementation methodology, etc.;
  • checking compliance with the contract and agreements made;
  • assessing the legality of contract changes and additional work claims;
  • acting as a discussion partner for both the customer and the implementing parties;
  • guiding contractual discussions;
  • facilitating cooperation between the customer, suppliers, manufacturers and installers.

Pondera has many years’ experience in managing contracts for large-scale implementation projects for various clients. Additionally, Pondera can advise and guide you with any desired contract. Are you interested to hear about what we can do for you? We would be happy to have a conversation with you without obligation.

Country Director Pondera South East Asia

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