Certainty about a project is important during the project (re-)financing. Lenders, developers, buyers and / or sellers want to understand the potential risks of a project. This is not only about financial or contractual aspects, but also about public law conditions. Questions such as: Are all laws and regulations met? Have all necessary permits and permissions been granted to build and operate? What conditions are attached to the issued permits?

Pondera has extensive knowledge of the necessary procedures and permits in relation to the construction and operation of wind and solar energy projects. By performing a permits Due Diligence, Pondera can provide insight into the status of a project and all its components. We prepare an analysis report (called a red flag report), in which the necessary permits are described and a list of important risks and conditions for the project is included. From this it can be quickly ascertained for a potential buyer whether the permits are in order and which conditions may lead to costs or risks in the implementation and operation. Of course, Pondera can also assist in solutions for these areas.

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