Naturally, you want to select the best wind turbine manufacturer and contractor for your wind project, and of course you want the best installer for the realisation of your solar field. Tendering can help you find the right party.

After the procurement strategy has been determined, the preparation and supervision of the tender is crucial to get the most out of the contractors. For the preparation of the tender, youshould considerthe following steps:

  • checkingof interest among the contractors
  • drawing up procurement guidelines that make it clear to all parties what the procurement process will look like
  • defining the scope, for example by drawing up Employer’s Requirements
  • the commercial principles, such as drawing up special conditions (Particular Conditions)
  • inviting the parties to the tender

After the tender process has commenced for solar and wind projects, there are several steps to be taken that generally include the following:

  • answering questions from the invited parties about the scope of the project, available information or the tendering process
  • assessing and comparing the initial offers
  • holding so-called clarification meetings with the providers to clarify and improve their offer
  • assessing the final offers and choosing a preferred supplier

After you have chosen a preferred supplier, the last step is the so-called contracting. This includes the following:

  • conducting contract negotiations with the selected preferred supplier based on, for example, FIDC, UAV-GC or ALIB 2007
  • concluding one or more contracts with a good risk distribution between the customer and the executing party (parties)

Tender for solar or wind projects

Pondera can assist you in going through these steps to tender for your solar or wind project. We have successfully deployed our expertise for various post-tender solar and wind projects. If you are curious about the possibilities, we would be happy to have a conversation with you without obligation.

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