In large and complex renewable energy projects, effective communication is of great importance. Projects can take a long time and have several phases in which certain milestones are reached.

Many different parties are often active within a project, such as the initiator, consultants and governments. Perhaps even more importantly, the community will be looking for information about the project itself or about the location and times of meetings. Renewable energy projects are often complex and the amount of new information can be overwhelming for a local community, most of whom are usually laymen. This can sometimes lead to miscommunication, a worried community and sometimes even hostility. That is why project communication is of great importance.

Effective project communication is a prerequisite for properly informing all stakeholders. By thinking in advance about the timing of communication sessions, and identifying the different parties and their information needs, the communication process can be streamlined. For this purpose, we work closely with the community manager, the initiators and the local authorities.

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