External safety is about the influence of the wind turbine on the safety of the environment. There is a distinction between risk for people (external safety) and risk to the security of supply of, for example, pipe and power lines. Pondera performs calculations and analyses to determine these risks.

On this basis, it can be quickly determined whether a comprehensive QRA (quantitative risk analysis) is necessary. The calculations are based on the ‘Handbook of wind turbine risk zoning’ in which the safety rules are translated into distances to be maintained between wind turbines and objects such as homes, industry, pipelines and roads. The distance to be kept depends on the type of turbine and the type of object.

In the field of external safety, we offer three products:

Wind turbine identification scan

In an Identification Scan, we can identify potential safety risks that may occur in the development of the project. By enabling our expertise at an early stage, we gain clarity and insight into the steps to be taken and possible risks can be quickly clarified.

Wind turbine impact probability analysis

In a collision analysis, we can identify the likelihood of any impact by objects within an area. With this information, we contact the managers of the objects involved and look more closely at the risk assessment and associated solutions.

Wind turbine trajectory guidance

Pondera has substantial experience in dealing with infrastructure managers and relevant governments about risk analyses. We bring this knowledge to your project by informing you of the expected bottlenecks at an early stage so that you can respond to them in an adequate manner. We also strive to find a win-win situation for the development of your project by adopting a proactive communication mindset with interested parties.

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