The scoping study is part of the EIA procedure and discusses the ‘why’ of the plan/project. More specifically, this memorandum describes what will be investigated and how. The scoping study defines the research to be carried out into the environmental effects of activity (the research plan). The extent of the scoping study varies per project. The publication of the scoping study is therefore also one of the first steps in the EIA procedure.

An environmental impact assessment (EIA) contains information about the effects of the plan/project for things like noise, landscape and nature. An EIA is also an important means of communication and a source of information for local residents, interest groups and administrators.

Pondera has extensive experience in drawing up the Scope and Detail Level Notes and drawing up EIAs for sustainable energy projects in particular, such as wind energy projects. Pondera has the expertise in-house for many environmental aspects that are addressed in an EIA. We work together with other agencies for some topics, such as nature.

The EIA is a complex process in which many different parts of a project come together. Our services therefore include more than preparing the EIA and the necessary investigations. For example, we can guide part or all of the process. In which case we would manage the communication, information evenings, guide appropriate assessments (often necessary on the basis of the Nature Conservation Act) and carry out the environmental management.

Senior Renewable Energy Consultant


Deputy Director / Team Manager Environment and Consenting

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