Your sustainable energy project (wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy) will lose its value if nobody checks during the implementation whether you are getting what has previously been agreed. Pondera can remove this concern.

In the role of director, we actively manage your projects, on behalf of you as the client, from the signing of contracts up to and including delivery. We check whether conditions are met in the areas of quality, safety, permits, communication, payment conditions, etc. If the supplier/contractor does not meet the conditions, in accordance with the procedures as part of the contract, we will take appropriate action.

Some examples of activities that we can perform for you as a director are:

  • informing and advising the client regarding (financial) obligations to and rights of the contractors and (wind turbine) supplier (bank guarantees, payment instalments, claims);
  • preparing and providing communication to the contractors and (wind turbine) supplier in accordance with the guidelines as agreed in the contract;
  • assessing the design of the contractor. All this in accordance with the description in the schedule of requirements and the contract conditions;
  • factory acceptance testing (FAT);
  • site acceptance testing (SAT);
  • periodic construction meetings with the contractors and (wind turbine) supplier;
  • quality control during the construction phase including auditing (QA/QC) in close collaboration with the site manager;
  • supervising delivery procedures such as Tests on Completion, Tests after Completion and Employers Taking Over;
  • assessing and approving or rejecting term invoices;
  • assessing as-built file;
  • optional: health and safety (HSE) management, supervision and auditing;
  • optional: permit management.
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