Pondera has extensive experience with all aspects that are important in developing a sustainable energy project (wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy). Whether it concerns the design, the procedures, the permits, applying for an SDE + subsidy for large wind farms, the necessary contracts, the business case and project financing or the implementation aspects of sustainable energy projects.

We are happy to use this knowledge, as an independent specialist, to provide financiers, customers or buyers with insight into the status of a project and to provide certainty about all parts of the project. Of course, to guarantee independence, we only do this for projects in which Pondera has had no prior involvement.

Implementation of Due Diligence

In this process, which is also known as technical Due Diligence or book research, Pondera examines the risks present in a project, how these risks are managed and how great the residual risk is in the project. Due to the great diversity of subjects (design, permits, subsidies, contracts, business case and financing), various specialists are employed in this process. Depending on the wishes of the customer, we will deliver the findings in a report or information memorandum.

Contract Manager

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