Anja Schönnebeck started working at Pondera in March 2023 as a Wind Resource Analyst. She got experienced in detailed simulations of atmospheric flows in and around wind farms during her PhD at the University of Twente. Her research focused on the interaction between wind farms and mesoscale effects, including the development of complex numerical models and the calculation of energy losses due to wake effects based on high fidelity large-eddy simulations as well as simpler engineering models. Anja is ambitious to use her knowledge to support a fast transition to renewable energy.


Education, training and previous employers

Anja studied Geophysics at the University of Münster in Germany, where she graduated with a Master’s degree in 2016. The focus of her studies was on non-linear and computational physics as well as fluid dynamics. She deepened her knowledge on atmospheric physics and climate models during her internships at the Leibnitz Institute for Atmospheric Physics in Kühlungsborn and the Max Planck institute for Meteorology in Hamburg.

After her studies, Anja worked as a System analyst and Test specialist for CETEQ, an IT consulting, development and training company in Germany. She was mainly involved in the project development and responsible for the tests of new products and for the coordination of quality assurance testers. Thereafter Anja went backpacking through South America and South East Asia for one year, before she started working on her PhD in the Physics of Fluids Group at the University of Twente. In 2022, she finalized her PhD on Large Eddy Simulations of the interaction between wind farms and mesoscale effects.

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