Eric Arends

Vice Chairman Pondera GroupTerug naar ons team Netherlands - Arnhem

As a project leader and process manager, Eric Arends has gained vast experience in more than 20 years with regard to environmental and safety management, renewable energy and spatial planning. Commissioned support of the development of wind and solar parks has prevailed over the past ten years. For this, Eric guides within Pondera the drafting of environmental impact assessments, appropriate assessments, permits and feasibility studies. The wind energy projects concern both wind on land and at sea. In addition to all manner of content-related issues, another important element in these projects is the ability to manage a complex web of public and private interests appropriately and effectively.

As a project and process manager, Eric sets himself apart by maintaining oversight and successfully distinguishing between main and peripheral issues. He observes and reports critical moments in the project cycle and undertakes adequate action in order to guide the projects to a successful conclusion.

He has been involved in offshore and onshore wind in the Netherlands for many years and has contributed to almost all offshore wind farms in the Netherlands, especially in the first phase of project development. Eric Arends is currently also active abroad for Pondera, with a focus on development of wind energy projects in Southeast Asia (Vietnam).

Education and previous employers

Eric Arends studied business administration and public administration at the University of Twente, graduating in 1992 with a degree in public administration. He then completed an MBA program focusing on environmental management. Eric worked as a project manager at IWACO and thereafter as project manager and head of an advisory group at Royal Haskoning. He has been managing partner at Pondera since 1 January 2008.

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