Jeroen de Veth

Senior Consultant Renewable EnergyTerug naar ons team

Jeroen de Veth studied electrical engineering and technology management in Eindhoven and has more than 20 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector. He has been with Pondera since November 2021 and is a specialist in the field of energy storage, both electrochemical and P2G, and system integration. In addition, he has gained extensive experience in the biogas sector as a consultant as well as a project manager. Jeroen has worked for numerous parties in both the public and private sector and is familiar with the practicalities of complex energy and innovation projects.

Within Pondera, Jeroen is a leader, consultant and developer in the field of system integration and flexibility solutions, including conversion to hydrogen and the implementation of various types of electrical energy storage. He masters the art of reducing complexity to a manageable essence and presenting it as such to both entrepreneurs and policymakers. Jeroen is context-sensitive, focused on cooperation and capable of leading the development and implementation of innovative and complex projects. In addition, he is hands-on, has an eye for detail and is able to operate on various conceptual levels.

Training and employers

After completing his studies, he began his career as a consultant for urban development and bio-energy at the Renewable Energy Project Agency, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to boost the development of sustainable energy in the Netherlands. From 2002 to 2009, he worked part-time as a staff member and deputy registrar of the Parliamentary Committee for Economic Affairs, where he was involved in energy legislation and supervised various parliamentary studies. During that time, Jeroen also started working as an independent consultant in the renewable energy and agricultural sectors.

Since 2009, he has specialised further as an entrepreneur in flexibility solutions, such as batteries, and project development in the field of biogas. In that role, Jeroen initiated and participated in various innovation projects and was the one to introduce the first Vanadium Redox Flow battery in the Netherlands in 2010, later followed by Zinc Bromide technology. These projects have always focused on achieving a positive business case, and he has developed the necessary knowledge to accomplish this. That Jeroen does not shy away from difficult projects has been proven by a considerable number of years as an executive responsible for AGroGas, the largest biogas cooperative that has been active in the Netherlands to date.

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