Joris Pierrot

Consultant Renewable Energy Terug naar ons team

Joris Pierrot started in February 2021 as a Sustainable Energy Consultant at Pondera. With his technical background and experience with multidisciplinary research, Joris can contribute to various aspects of the development of sustainable energy projects. He likes to solve complex problems, but also knows how to communicate the results of research clearly. In this way he hopes to make a concrete contribution to making the energy supply more sustainable and to help parties achieve their sustainability ambitions. Joris works at Pondera, among other things, on calculating the energy yield for wind and solar parks and researching the feasibility of sustainable energy projects.

Training and employers.

Joris completed a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam in 2017. After this he started studying Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, in order to be able to deal with more practical problems regarding energy and climate, two subjects that he finds very important. He concluded this masters with an internship at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, where he looked at ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the Dutch dairy processing industry.

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